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The new Luther Board of Trustees will meet Thursday evening in a Special Meeting. But they will take no votes.

They will talk to each other, in an open forum, and hear from the public. Oklahoma Open Meetings laws prohibit a trustee from talking about town business with more than two trustees (they can speak with one) out of the public eye. Somewhat unorthodox, this Special Meeting will allow the group to discuss issues openly, while encouraging the public to openly ask questions or engage in the discussion, in an effort to commit to transparency and work to get up to speed on the work that awaits them.

The new board met in a similar session right after the election earlier this month. Their primary topics of discussion were the town’s budget and ordinances. The budget must be prepared, submitted to the public for review and approved before June 30, when the new fiscal year begins. As far as anyone can tell, town ordinances have not been officially updated since 2011. 

There’s much work to do.

The board will meet in its first regular meeting on May 9, 2017. Among the expected agenda items will be electing a new mayor from among the board which is made up of incumbent Ron Henry, and new trustees, Paxton Cavin, Trandy Langston, Jason Roach and Jenni White. The mayor presides over the meetings, and performs other ceremonial duties.

The Special “no action” Meeting is Thursday, April 27, at 7 pm at the Community Center. The Luther Register will broadcast the session on FB Live.

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