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Turn south on Luther Road at Hwy 66, also called Ash, go past the Sonic and the Feed Store, and turn west at DJ’s BBQ past the railroad tracks. Turn south at Josephine’s Cafe. That’s how you find Main Street. But if you stay on Ash, you’ll find other businesses too like the insurance agent and the tag agent, on toward the post office and high school. Don’t miss Wayne’s cabinet shop.

But what if you’re coming from the turnpike? Easy. Turn north onto Hogback, mind the speed limit, and it runs right into Main. Do not speed.

How do you tell people to get to downtown Luther? Downtown merchants and others are brainstorming ways to help visitors find them. Along with the bank, Town Hall and the Police Department – there’s new retail shops and a restaurant there, all within the last year. Downtown Luther has awoken. An obvious fix is more visible and inviting signage on Highway 66 and off the turnpike exit on Hogback. There’s also some marketing and advertising options to consider, and then there’s the best way, word of mouth (along with its counterpart social media).

Luckily, Galen Culver from Newschannel 4 found downtown Luther for the second time in less than a year. He’s the one-man tv crew who has one of the most enviable jobs in journalism. He is a story teller of the good things that are refreshing, celebrate the landmarks of our state and the accomplishments of our neighbors. He introduces us to the endearing and the cool.

The cool this trip was Rustic Farm on Main Street. The new store is housed in the only building on Main Street that’s on the Historic Register. Trivia question: what Luther location is also on the Historic Register?  Rustic Farm is in the old Engels Store, and had been owned by the Town until the Simmons bought it in a bid last year and opened right before last Thanksgiving.

Culver then strolled a bit downtown, maybe he was getting ideas for another story. Then he had lunch at The 116 Farmstead Market & Table, which was the subject of his July 2016 visit to Luther.  His story about Rustic Farm will air on April 17 and will be online eventually. You can bet we’ll post it here so you can relive the moment and cheer on #lutherlocal.

Now about those signs to downtown?

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