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The outgoing Luther Town Trustees met Tuesday night in their final regular meeting. Mayor Cecilia Taft, and Trustees Birlene Langley, Carolyn Lawson and Andy McDaniels will leave office officially on Monday, April 17.

There was apparently a couple of pages worth of agenda items for the board to consider before the agenda was published Monday, however, the agenda was whittled down to the bare minimum for the Board and the Luther Public Works Authority. All of the trustees attended and made quick work of both meetings in less than 15 minutes. Aside from approving the “consent agenda” including minutes and claims, Town Clerk Kim Bourns handled swearing in duties for new board members, Paxton Cavin, Jason Roach, Jenni White and Trandy Langston.

The outgoing Board agreed to approve several claims, or monthly bills highlighted here (rounded to nearest dollar):
Kim Bourns, clerk/treasurer                    $200
Brent Coldiron, municipal prosecutor    $850
Stephen Haynes, municipal judge          $850
Ray Vincent, Town attorney                     $600
Birlene Langley, eggs & candy                 $269
Young & Assoc., accounting                    $575
SAM’s CLUB                                                $488
EOC Partnership                                        $442
AT&T                                                            $1221
Health insurance (various)                       $15,151
TOTAL                                                          $30,852 (the above represents only highlights)

PAYROLL – 3/26 and 4/9
TOWN TOTAL                                              $9,851.93 gross
LPWA TOTAL                                               $7,199 gross
POLICE (period ending 4/6)                      $12,083.20 gross

ACCOUNTS Balances from First Bank & Trust of Luther, comparing April 11, 2017/March 13
LPWA FUND          $70,172 (April)   $68,361 (March)
General Fund         $91,842               $228,169
Cemetery Care       $1,685                $1685
LPWA Rainy Day    $13,361              $12,707
TL Rainy Day          $3,992                 $3,792
Police                      $280                    $280
Fire                           $2758                 $3,174

March police report (No fire report this time due to illness)

The next regular meeting of the Luther Town Board of Trustees is Tuesday, May 9, 2017. However, the incoming board has a tentative public budget meeting set for May 2. Incumbent Ron Henry is the fifth member on the Board.



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