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Cavin wins (again)

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Paxton Cavin will join three new trustees on the Luther Town Board now that provisional ballots have been added to the results of the April 4, 2017, election. Oklahoma County Election Board members Anita DeToy, Jim Huff and Doug Sanderson met Friday afternoon to accept the provisional ballots that were cast but not counted on Tuesday. Election board staff earlier Friday recommended they accept the ballots.

Cavin had a two vote edge over appointed incumbent Andy McDaniels. He thought the provisional ballots might sway the vote with it being so close. Instead, Cavin added to her vote lead.

After verifying that the ballots included an affidavit, the ballots were shuffled to protect voter privacy and the ballots were shown to the Luther Register and the election board members.

The first ballot showed votes for Jenni White, Paxton Cavin and Mike McClure.
The second ballot showed votes for Andy McDaniels and Cavin.
The third ballot showed votes for White, McClure and Cavin.

That brought Cavin’s vote tally up to 102, to tie with Trandy Langston for the second and third top vote-getters for the seat.

White, Langston and Cavin will join Jason Roach who won the two-year seat, at a swearing in on April 17, 2017. The new board members, all political newcomers, will join Ron Henry who is completing his first term on the board.

Andy McDaniels

McDaniels was quick to congratulate Cavin on the win.

“I am very excited for the new Board members. Congratulations to Paxton Cavin for a hard fought election!  I want to thank all of my friends and family and supporters for their unwavering support. I am hopeful that the new council will open opportunities for those of us who love our town to volunteer and serve on committees or Boards so we can continue to support our town.” said McDaniels who joined the board last summer.

Cavin also thanked those who voted in “this important election for our community.”

“I especially would like to thank my supporters for their votes and encouragement throughout this campaign. Now it is time for the candidates to do the work they have promised to do. I am excited to fulfill my commitment to be accountable, transparent, and professional as a member of the Luther Board of Trustees and hope that the community stays involved in the town’s business. It is going to be a lot of work, but I hope that as a board we can work in a smart, efficient, and legal manner to create the positive change that our community deserves. The outcome of this election makes it clear that our community is ready for change, and I am confident that the newly elected board will be capable of following through on that promise,” said Cavin.

And now the work begins. The new board members are having an open planning session on Monday evening at the community center to discuss plans. The new board’s first meeting is in May.

The current board’s last regularly scheduled meeting is Tuesday, April 11.

Also, about those provisional ballots. The issue brought up some question about the town’s boundaries which no doubt will be addressed by the Town and election officials.

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