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Not wasting time, the new members elected to the Luther Board of Trustees have planned a meeting Monday to hear ideas and talk amongst themselves before they are sworn into office a week later.

The public is invited.

Monday, April 10
6:30 pm
Community Center

Trustee-Elect Jenni White said she checked with the Oklahoma Municipal League and consulted the Open Meetings Law to assure that the group is allowed to meet this way before they take their oaths of office (as private citizens). Besides, she said, the meeting will be open to anyone who wants to attend to invite transparency. With a budget deadline fast approaching for next fiscal year, she said the budget is sure to be a topic Monday night.

She said all of the fellow trustees-elect will meet along with Ron Henry who could be the only incumbent left on the board depending on a decision by the Oklahoma County Election Board Friday afternoon. The appointed board will consider three provisional ballots that could affect the outcome of the third seat on the board.  Paxton Cavin was the third top vote-getter in Tuesday’s election, but appointed-incumbent Andy McDaniels was only two votes behind her.

Local business owner Jason Roach was elected with the highest percentage of voters at 40 percent. On Wednesday, he thanked those who voted for him.

“I look forward to serving the Town of Luther. I would also like to thank the previous Town Trustees for their service. With such a high turnover of board members and the audit report released just last week, we have our work cut out for us. I look forward to the challenge and hope to help our town flourish,” said Roach.

Trustee-Elect Trandy Langston also thanked her fellow candidates and voters. “I hope that each of you continue to show an interest in improving our town and moving forward in a positive direction. I’m excited to start this adventure and encourage you to get involved,” she said on her FB page.

Important upcoming dates 
Friday, April 7, provisional ballots determination to decide Cavin/McDaniels election, Oklahoma County Election Board.
Saturday, April 8, NOON, Town Easter Egg Hunt, Wildhorse Park (by the ballparks and Dollar General)
Monday, April 10, 6:30 pm, meeting for new board, Community Center
Tuesday, April 11, 7pm, Luther Town Board meeting, last regular meeting for current board
Monday, April 17, Noon, Swearing in of New Board members

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