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There’s a lot to like about Luther. There’s also a lot to be concerned about.

But let’s dwell on the positive. One way to do that is by pointing out just a couple of Luther Register’s data points for the week.  Because it shows that folks like positive and they like Luther.

On Monday, we covered the heartwarming story about 12-year-old Libby Rominger who found a treasure! She was here with a Tennessee youth group on a Spring Break trip to serve with the Luther Church of Christ and Community Center. Some say it was a miracle that Libby found a bag full of cash that was thought lost in the fire that took the life of Tony Taylor last December. Our Out of the Ashes story was one of the most read stories on the Luther Register website and it also got great traffic on social media.

It was also a good time to check in with the Luther Church of Christ.  Like other congregations in town, the church does so much more for our neighbors than we know. That was evidenced by hearing the details of how the church saw to it that Juanita Taylor’s home could be razed by securing large equipment and seeing to it that many volunteers would clear the site to remove the visible reminder of a tragedy and to help the Town by taking care of a dangerous area. Thanks Luther Church of Christ.

[the_ad id=”4149″]Still, that sweet story was not the biggest story on Luther Register this week, even though our Candidate Forum got some great support. It was the VW’s that got the most love.

While downtown Luther on Saturday afternoon, we saw a caravan of volkswagons cruise down Main Street, likely taking a quick turn off of their Route 66 tour. We posted a video of the “slug bugs” on social media, and in just a few hours, the video had been watched a couple of thousand times!  How fun is that?

[the_ad id=”3972″]The great traffic on those stories reminds us that we like positive stories. We have to endure the “hard news” stories as well as informed citizens (and there’s plenty of those). But when some bugs drive through our tiny downtown and a few thousand people watch the video, it should make us wonder and dream of what this town could do if we would really draw on the fame of Route 66; and believe in #lutherlocal.

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