Volunteer Firefighters handle north grass fire

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Unofficial reports blame a spark from a lawnmower on a pasture in north Luther for spreading about a 40-acre blaze Saturday afternoon off Luther Road between Simmons and Charter Oak in Logan County.

The heavy smoke and wind worried neighbors but volunteer crews from Woodcrest, Luther and Sooner got the spread under control.



Unfortunately, something else happened at this scene that could have been deadly. There are reports that a motorist traveling through the heavy smoke in zero visibility on Luther Road hit one of the fire vehicles, and could have struck fire fighters. No one was hurt. But the motorists were made to stay at the scene until authorities arrived, and tickets were issued.

Do we need the reminder? DO NOT DRIVE INTO SMOKE. Do not drive toward a fire. And certainly, although our burn ban doesn’t prohibit mowing, report any smoke or flame immediately, say fire officials.

Wind speeds and other weather conditions for the rest of the weekend are ripe for fire. So take care out there. And thank a firefighter. In these parts, we are partial to the volunteer ones! And grateful.

Kimberly K MIller – Attorney
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