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Special Town Meeting Cancelled

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We are down to just ONE Special Meeting in Luther Thursday evening.

The Special Town Meeting was cancelled this afternoon.

Turns out the wrong entity was listed on the agenda.

Read the text above carefully for the error that apparently wasn’t caught until today. The text says it is a Special Meeting of the Luther Public Works Authority, while the meeting was actually for the Town of Luther, a different entity.

It’s not the first time there has been an error on the agenda. Sometimes the wrong date or address might be listed, or something might be misspelled. Typically, the meeting goes on, but not this time.

Yesterday, a town trustee candidate called for the meeting to be cancelled, questioning the necessity of it just a few days before the regular meeting.

It was cancelled today apparently because of the error on the agenda.

The special meeting was being attempted to hire some office staff to fill a vacancy left by Crystal Wilson who left the town’s employment last week.

However, the meeting agenda is supposed to be prepared, edited and distributed (complying with Open Meeting Laws and other requirements) by the TOWN CLERK, not staff. That role of clerk is served by Kim Bourns, however, the remaining office staff (employed by LPWA) made the meeting preparations this week and experienced some technical and technological frustrations in the process.

Meantime, town trustees are pitching in at the office. No doubt they will be preparing materials for the regular meeting, next Tuesday, of both the Town and LPWA.

And no doubt, the agenda will be proofed carefully.

The Special Meeting of the Luther School Board is at 7pm Thursday. With only one meeting to cover now, the Luther Register will report on it, with help from intern Jacob Factor. We will broadcast the public portions of the meeting on FB Live.

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