On the way to vote

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I was just trying to go vote.

One of the charming things about living in the country, I’ve told myself every election day, is that we “get” to drive 15 miles out of our way, mostly on a dirt road, to our polling place at the Meridian Fire Department in Logan County. It’s a chore, but because I have a flexible and wacky work schedule, I can work it in. I’m too scatter-brained to vote absentee, and plus, it’s always an adventure. Plus, isn’t that why we moved to the country? For adventure. It’s also an adventure to start a newspaper!

When we heard the rain pelting the roof at the school board meeting Monday night, my first thought was “hallelujah for the rain!” Don’t we need it desperately? Then I had a pesky thought that I possibly could have trouble getting to the fire station to vote Tuesday. I pushed that thought right out of my head that was already too full of stories about the school board, the school board election, the town board meeting Tuesday night and election coverage.

Making a long story short (you’re welcome), I got stuck on the way to vote. When we get a good soaking rain, just about any SE Logan County dirt road turns to muck and the mire. It’s my experienced opinion after today that Indian Meridian is way worse than our trusty Luther Road. Did I mention muck and mire yet? Our friends Kurt and Jason came to rescue me, after AAA declined my appeal!

In his four-wheel drive flatbed beast, Kurt teased me mercilessly on the way back, as he kept the front wheels going forward in the bog. But he also might have been a little impressed that I made it so far … pushing through the mud in my low-to-the-ground car. The car is named “Lo-Rita” for a reason.

We’ll get Lo-Rita later when the ground dries. I let Logan County know where the car is stuck and they thanked me for letting them know.

I still have a few hours left to get to the polls, it’ll take that long to drive on paved roads to get there and back in time for the Town Board meeting at 7 pm.

Watch The Luther Register’s Facebook page Tuesday night where we’ll broadcast the meeting,  hopefully not sideways like viewers endured during the School Board meeting (I’m really having a great week!). And we’ll provide election results as soon as we get them.

What about those Logan County roads? The mud cannot defeat democracy!

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