Running some numbers for the Town of Luther

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The Oklahoma Tax Commission reports monthly sales tax collections in the state and reports what it sends back to the towns. During the period of November 15 – December 15, 2016, OTC sent $34,017 to the Town of Luther in sales taxes. That’s the taxes we pay for items at The Dollar General, Mercantile, 116 Market, Rustic Farm, and others, plus taxes that Luther companies like Triangle Silt Dike collect.

The Town built its budget anticipating collections of $363,800 in taxes, with a .03 tax rate. Since the new fiscal year began last July, the town has collected approximately $180,000 in sales taxes.

When it comes to spending, the Town Trustees approved $22,216 in claims (or bills) at the January meeting, presumably representing expenses through December. Payroll amounts to $7,606 a month (not including LPWA or the Police Department) for total expenses for the month of $29,822.

For comparison, here are some sales tax collections for some of our neighboring towns for the same period, mid-November thru mid-December.

  • Luther                  $ 34,017
  • Wellston              $ 23,591
  • Jones                  $ 63,770
  • Harrah                 $168,766
  • Choctaw              $509,145
  • Nicoma Park       $ 64,693
  • Edmond               $5,409,596
  • Oklahoma City    $31,391,194


Kimberly K MIller – Attorney
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