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Businesses come in all shapes and sizes in Luther. There are storefronts and home-based businesses. There are services, manufacturing, construction, agricultural and technical businesses. The bigger businesses help to propel a small town’s tax base, even more with our support. For others, small businesses add to the household budget and our dreams (yes, and the tax base). In Luther, amid the hustle and stress over the bottom line, business owners are generous too.

Take Felicia Pringle for example. She has Felicia’s Country Corner. Since 2013, she has built a cottage industry using her talents in crocheting, knitting, sewing and jelly-making to combine the whimsical and the useful for gifts for others or to treat yourself. You can find her on her Facebook page, or follow her traveling booth at various craft and art shows.

In the quiet week between Christmas and the New Year holidays, a little blessing popped up around town.

Hand-made scarves were tied to light poles and signposts, and even the town Christmas tree, with the message: “I am not lost. If you need this scarf to stay warm, please take it. Then do something to help someone else today if you can.” 

It was a YARN BOMB.

“I have a fabulous friend who pitched in and bought some yarn for some of the scarves,” said Felicia.

“Another friend and her two boys helped my three sons and me hang the scarves. My boys thought it was weird until we hung the first scarf at the post office. Afterward, we were driving to the 116 Market, and we saw a man sitting on his porch. My kiddos asked if we could stop and give him a scarf. I loved seeing the smiles on their faces and how excited they were to put a big smile on someone else’s face,” she said.

This act that combined caring and smart marketing shows the creativity of small business owners and the potential of #LutherLocal.

“I crochet a HUGE variety of items including beanies, blankets, mermaid tail blankets, and infant photo prop outfits. I crochet just about anything, and I also sew. I sell a lot of pillows, custom quilts, t-shirt quilts, and a big variety of machine embroidered items, such as my favorite tea towels. I also make canned jellies and salsas. Anyone who has shopped at my booth at a show has sampled my Strawberry Jalapeño jelly!”

Stay warm. If you need a scarf, there were nine hung around town. But remember to pass on the kindness – even a smile or a hug would do.


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