A Christmas to Remember

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It was a packed house tonight at the First Christian Church for the one and only performance of the play, “A Christmas to Remember” performed by church members, some of whom revealed their considerable acting talents for the first time.

The play was written by Pastor Johnny Melton, the play delivered a spiritual message and a reminder about the importance of community. The script was packed with laughs, and tender moments that brought a tear.

The audience fell in love with the plucky and hard-working “beauty operator” Doris, played by Abby Danielle Mendoza.  Her customers Bernice, played by Madison Dae McConnell, and Blanch, played by Donita Mackey, helped tell the story and depicted the usual characters of a sweet small town.

Sweet comic relief came from “the bride” Sasha Renae Wilson who played Patty. Fellow actor Colbey MIchael Alan Chartney affably played two roles of the doctor and Patty’s husband-to-be.

Karley and Scott Fesler were wonderful as the parents of Leslie, their special needs adult daughter who has the gift of seeing the good in people, and rainbows in mud puddles! The role of Leslie was played by Carla Goldsmith. Her authentic portrayal of the beautiful Leslie endeared the audience to the preciousness of having a childlike faith.

Gus Sumner is no bum, even though he played one very well in the show. He also played Santa and shared one of the messages of the play, to give of yourself to bless others.

Andy, played by Chistian Yeager played a good sidekick to Leslie and Kelly Melton “preached” as the guardian angel.

The lighting and set design were very clever using the space provided. This group of actors and crew acted professionally and never missed a cue.

It’s too bad there was only one performance of this show. It was that good. But with every seat filled, and many standing, more than 100 family members, friends and theater lovers enjoyed the Sunday night show.

Pastor Melton said he was so proud of all of the actors and crew. He thanked the crowd for coming, and shared that his dream is to start a community theatre in Luther. With this kind of talent, it could happen.

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