Dr. Buxton Resigning?

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The School Board Agenda posted for Monday night’s meeting, confirming another clue about the rumor circulating that Superintendent Sheldon Buxton is tendering his resignation.

Dec 12, 2016, school board agenda including an item about the resignation of Superintendent Dr. Sheldon Buxton.


Read the full agenda here.

Mohr, Broudy and Dr. Buxton at a March 2016 meeting.

No comment yet from Dr. Buxton about what his future plans might be, a reflection of his time leading the district or when his resignation might be effective. Buxton’s time with the district has been beset with issues involving school finance, lower enrollment, a controversial decision last school year to hire his wife as Dean of Students for the high school, and a citizen petition to ask for an audit of the district. The audit ongoing by the State Auditor and Inspector’s office is expected to be released in January.

Just this week, three candidates filed for a seat on the Luther School Board. Candidate Tony Rumpl, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper,  said one of his main concerns for the district is issues with leadership. Other candidates are incumbent and current Board President Matt Mohr and Gerald McCauley.

The public school board meeting is Monday, December 12, at 6:30 pm in the board room. In addition to the resignation, that the board must accept, is at the end of the meeting. If you cannot attend, watch the meeting via The The Luther Register on Periscope (click here to join).  








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  1. Maybe he will get the respect he deserves and dedicated his career t0 n0w, 0r at least en0ugh f0r pe0ple t0 refer t0 him by his title, Dr. Buxt0n. He isn’t trump, after all.

    1. Thank you! I refer to him as Superintendent Buxton in the first reference in a story, and Dr. Buxton in the next references. It’s my habit and the way I was taught, and not doing that today was unintentional in my haste. I didn’t mean any disrespect. I’ll think about revising my habit. Wouldn’t hurt – since I’m online, I don’t have to save ink! I see I could have used a different headline (and so I have fixed it).

      1. Sorry Dawn, I wasn’t referring to you. You did call him Dr. Buxton in the story and I understand the headline to grab attention. Unfortunately, it mostly grabs the attention of the disrespectful folks who have no idea of the scope of his position or the ramifications of every single decision he presents to the board members. I am not saying Dr. Buxton has not made some mistakes, only that he should not be denied the basic respect he has earned.

  2. I enjoyed the video story about the kids going on the shoe buying trip. What a wonderful opportunity for them. And what a thoughtful principal to save up all year for this event.

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