Helping the Wellston officers, and the Vance Trio had a court date

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Danny Roach

The three persons charged with helping Michael Vance continue his crime spree had a court date today. They didn’t get to go. It was a preliminary conference hearing for Danny Roach, April Harden and Reginald Moore.

The trio remains in the Oklahoma County Jail with no bond and face an assortment of charges including felony accessory to murder in the first degree.

Following the shooting death of Vance in western Oklahoma on October 30, authorities revealed that Vance had stopped at Roach’s Oklahoma City home the same night Vance killed Ronny and Kay Wilkson in Luther.

Roach, Harden and Moore are accused of helping Vance by patching him up after he was shot by Wellston police officers, and loading him up with more weapons. Driving Kay Wilkson’s car, Vance then drove to Western Oklahoma where he camped deep in the woods for a week. After being spotted by a farmer who put him on the run, Vance was killed in a dramatic shootout with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

The court date today was a quick one. The next one is January 18, 2017.

Meanwhile, the Wellston Masonic Lodge is holding a Special Benefit Fundraiser for Wellston Police Officers Joe Hampton and Shawn Stewart. A fried chicken dinner, pie and cake auction will be held at the Wellston High School Cafeteria on Sunday, December 4, from 11:30 am – 2pm.

Hampton and Stewart were shot in a shoot out with Vance on October 23 when the officers responded to a call. Vance then proceeded on his night of terror toward the Wilksons’ home, and on the way there shot a Luther resident during another car theft.

The pie and cake auction starts at Noon and donations for dinner will be accepted at the door.


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