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Bison Blinds

dsc_1904Congratulations to the 2016 Luther Lions football players, coaches, and parents. The Lions ended their season on Friday night with a hard fought loss round three playoff game to the Adair Warriors. The Lions are thrilled and thankful to have made it to Thanksgiving week practices and the Black Friday game. On Friday night, they made their own school history playing in the Quarterfinals of the 2016 OSSAA Playoffs.

dsc_1907Throughout the season, a few team highlights were shared—okay, maybe a lot—but I also shared of the parents and community. There are many things happening in Luther during football season and all those who are involved may go unnoticed. As a “retired” football manager of three years, I have an eye for all those who are helping under the table and in blind sight. So, from one who sees it all, to those who fail to be acknowledged, I would like to share my gratitude towards your efforts and successes for the team. My motto is “it takes a village.” That it does.

dsc_1935The Lions hosted the 2015 State Champions at their own Wilson Field. The Adair Warriors were in round three of 2016 playoffs for a reason, and we we saw what they brought to the field. Adair found the end zone multiple times in the first half, with the half-time score 40-0.

dsc_1923In the second half, Luther came out stronger. Adair’s offense did not see the end zone quite as much as Luther’s defense held the Warriors to just 8 points. Luther hit harder with bigger heart for the field.

12While the Lions were on offense, there didn’t seem to be much movement. Luther would make it to third down, and then we would make a huge first down run. But it was hard for the Lions to make it into the end zone. Late in the fourth quarter, Luther’s senior quarterback #12 Chad Pridemore scored his last ever high school touchdown, and put Luther’s only score of the night on the scoreboard. A bittersweet moment for Pridemore, with tears flowing and a heavy heart as he made his way back to the sideline. He received hugs, pats on the back, and positive remarks from his teammates on the sideline. Pridemore also saw the field on defense in his last high school football game.

For Senior #50 Tyler Leftwich, he caught his mother and grandmother in the spirit line after the run-through at the beginning of the game. Hugs to two of his most proud supporters, and he was ready for the field to battle the Warriors. And for Senior #63 Jacob Broudy, who endured a knee injury with surgery mid-season, the love was shared with his two classmates and teammates at the end with the long hugs that broke your heart. It was a fun season, a memorable season, and an especially special record season for this amazing group of seniors.

seniors2To conclude the night, the underclassmen became the upperclassmen, and they shed a few tears as it finally hit home that they would not see the seniors on the field for spring practice in May. I am so proud of the 2016 team accomplishments, and I am honored to have spent Friday nights on the sideline. After all, it is my favorite place to be. #mytown

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