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[supsystic-gallery id=10 position=center] It’s so hard to keep up with hashtags.

#LutherLocal (personal favorite)

As trendy as those hashtags might be on social media, it’s really not hard to keep up with our town. Luther is happening! A new tree farm. New restaurants. Longtime businesses. And this week, there’s A NEW PLACE TO SHOP!

img_9433-1You’ve heard about Small Business Saturday. It’s a marketing gimmick (thank you American Express) that has caught on, as the day to shop close to home on the day after “Black Friday,” which is the day after Thanksgiving. Although it might be a marketing gimmick by a credit card company, the principle behind Small Business Saturday is deeply rooted in those of us who live in a small town even though we might need a reminder once in a while. After all, if we support small businesses (on Saturday or any day they are open) in the town where we live, those businesses earn money to pay the light bill, the internet bill, buy inventory, make payroll and pay sales taxes. Those sales taxes (7.5% in Luther) help our town sustain and perhaps improve services like police and fire protection (that will lower our homeowner’s insurance rates), water and sewer, streets, parks and other services.

No doubt the big city allures us for the big sales and the big stuff. But more and more, aren’t we finding that the more we keep our money at home, the better our community becomes? Whether it’s feed at the mill, a burger at the cafe, coffee at the 116, a tank of gas, a bottle of wine, some new vape juice at Rock N Vapes, paint or a new tool at the hardware store, or that infamous pizza or a six-pack at the Mercantile – there’s stuff to buy in Luther! There are gas tanks to fill and a few groceries to get, right in our town limits. Not to mention, there are mechanics, cabinet makers, insurance agents, erosion control engineers, naturopaths, counselors, pollen collectors, accountants and others who choose to stay in Luther.

And now there are gifts and treasures to be found at Rustic Farm on Main Street.

It was just a few months ago that Pam and Jesse Simmons bought the historic Engels Store from the Town of Luther. The building had been left in disrepair by the Town but the Simmons worked night and day to fix it up and have their dream shop open by Thanksgiving weekend.

They did it.

Rustic Farm is a quaint and wonderful addition to Luther. Featuring booths with home decor, antiques and gifts – the shop opened on Tuesday of this week. Their Open House is Saturday, November 26. It’s fun to cheer them on. And it’s exciting to think about the other possibilities for our town.

There is a desire to make things better. There is momentum. There’s hard work ahead for all of us, not to mention a town election next spring to set leadership to guide the future with vision and cooperation.

Between the balll games, the chores at home and other Saturday obligations, find your way to Main Street and support #LutherLocal this Saturday, or any day they’re open. #LutherLocal.

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