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img_9193We have a new Chili Champion in this town. Cori Wilkins won first place at the chili-cookoff last Wedneday at Luther Elementary. The event, sponsored, by the Luther Parent Group brought chili cooking experts together for a good time and to raise money for a good cause, supporting our school children with fun activities.

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No word on whether Wilkins will share her recipe that scored her a $100 Visa giftcard.

Davis Christmas Trees at Chicken Shack

Light the Tree: Light the Town. Whether you are in the Christmas Spirit or not, there’s no denying the “most wonderful time of the year” is here. The Chicken Shack is lighting its tree on Thursday, Dec. 1.,  from 6:30 – 9:30 pm. Come for the cheer and the fun. And if you have a home or business in town, could you put your lights up by then? (You get one whole week to do it after Thanksgiving!) No word on whether the Town’s lights above the buidlings on Main Street and the lights that have been wrapped around the light poles all year will be turned on or will work. Someone find the outlet!

Be sure to check out Davis Family Christmas Tree Farm north of Luther. Can you say beautiful Virginia Pine? Cut your own, or pick one already cut on display at The Chicken Shack.

TUESDAY! Rustic Farm is opening! Check it out in the historic Engels Dry Goods Store buiding on Main Street. Open img_9433-1House is this Saturday.  Antiques, decor, booths and cheer! Congratulations to the Simmons!

THANK YOU! The Luther Fire Department received a $1200 donation from The LAB, Luther Academic Barn homeschool co-op. The group held a recent Onion Burger & Music by Kinderhook fund-raiser in the Paseo district of Oklahoma City. The LAB and Olsen family wanted to thank the firefighters for “saving the lab” when the volunteer firefighters extinguished a 40-acre wild fire near their place last month.

It’s a good time to be thankful. What are you thankful for? Please share in comments!

Students of The LAB Homeschool Coop present a check to the Luther Fire Department from a Thank You Fundraiser.

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