Playoffs Round Two. Win.

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lindsey2photos and story by Sydney Scheer

UPDATE: The Luther versus Adair game will be at 7pm (new time), Friday, Nov. 25, at Wilson Field.

Oklahoma’s weather showed its true colors for the Friday night game at Lindsay. The cold front moved in and everyone came bundled and huddled together for warmth. With the rain hitting on practice days instead of game days, and the cold weather holding off until November, the season was awesome weather-wise. However, this story is NOT about the weather!

The Luther Lions will not be hanging up their jerseys. On the road Friday night for Playoffs Round Two, Luther took the win from the Lindsay Leopards. The Lions trailed the Leopards until the fourth quarter. The touchdown by #84 Jordan Downs followed by the two-point conversion by #1 Coleman Stastny was the last scoring drive that put Luther on top. Luther won 35-32, and they advance to round three playoffs versus Adair on Friday, November 25, at Luther’s own Wilson Field.

At the beginning of the game, Lindsay scored first, then Luther, and so it went. The game would come down to who could find the end zone before regulation ended, neck and neck. Luther didn’t show much running game. However, with a jersey change at halftime, #25 Reed Wilson became #32, and he gained some yardage on the run, as well as #1 Coleman Stastny, and #24 Dakota Pridemore. Luther quarterback #12 Chad Pridemore was busy with the passing game tonight. We saw #24 Dakota Pridemore, #6 Tyler Becker, #22 Jesse Cole, #84 Jordan Downs, #1 Coleman Stastny with multiple catches for yardage. Not only was #12 Chad Pridemore high in passing yardage, he also had running yards. #7 Jose Velasco kicked a field goal—good—in the second quarter.

lindsey1The game changer play of the game was the 70+ yard run by #6 Tyler Becker. Tyler caught the ball and ran a hard fought run, but fumbled in the redzone around the 3 yardline. No worries, #50 Tyler Leftwich came up from behind and “scooped and scored” for the second touchdown for Leftwich this season. Luther gained a vibe that they would feed off of until the last seconds ticked off the clock. This all happened with just 33 seconds left before half time.

lindsey3On defense, #32 Reed Wilson recovered a huge fumble recovery that put the Lions in good proximity to score in the second half. Other star defensive players were #11 Jace Wilson, #50 Tyler Leftwich, #2 Landen Krueger and #63 Josh Butler. The Lindsay run game was tough up the middle, but the Lion line caught on after half time which halted the Leopard run game in the second half.

Lions 35
Leopards 32

Catch Luther Lion action from Lion_Reporter on Twitter.

The Lions thanked their fans, and then, victorious, climbed back on their charter bus. Football parents chipped in for the comfortable ride to southern Oklahoma. Thanks parents! Next week’s game is HOME!

The next playoff game is Friday, November 25, at 7:30 pm at Luther’s Wilson Field. Admission is $7 for students and adults. Let’s pack the stands to watch Luther take on Adair on the way to a state championship. Check the OSSAA bracket here.

Bring your family to Wilson Field to watch Luther take on Adair at home on Friday, November 25. Let’s pack the stands for the celebration of being the first time Luther has made it to Semi-Finals in state playoffs in class 2A.

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