Luther Middle School Collects Food for Neighbors

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Eighth Grade Student Council: front, Jared McCuddy, Kacie Bolner, back, Fredrick Greenhoward, Bailie Wiles and Ashley Gould
Eighth Grade Student Council: front, Jared McCuddy, Kacie Bolner, back, Fredrick Greenhoward, Bailie Wiles and Ashley Gould


It took two or three vehicles to load up all of the items that generous Luther Middle School students donated to help fill food boxes at the Luther Community Service Center. It took so much cargo room to make the quick trip from LMS to the Community Center because the students donated 1,600 items, and that included about 1,000 cans of vegetables, soups and other food items.

The donations, organized by the Student Council, will be given to families in need beginning Saturday at the Community Center, forever known to many of us as “Ruby’s.”

Literature teacher and Student Council Co-Sponsor Teri Tulane said she was amazed at the student’s participation. She said students hauled the cans in along with their backpacks and other school items every day between November 7 – 16. In her class, she showed a video about generosity that taught “to never look down on someone unless you are reaching down to help.”

Coach Schwarz’s second hour class won first place by bringing 277 items.

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Because The Community Center is know for generosity to all, they sent the students home with snacks and treats, as a thank you. The gesture brought tears to some of the students’ eyes. “Don’t rob someone of a blessing,” Ms. Tulane told them. Accept the blessing.

Ms. Tulane said the students wanted to help and wanted their efforts to stay in our community.

Well done, Luther Middle School. #mytown #LutherLocal

The Service Center will distribute Thanksgiving boxes Saturday for neighbors signed up in their food program. For Christmas, the Community Center is providing presents to 130 children. Donations for those include: coloring books, legos, PlayDoh, action figures, transformers, puzzles, games, toy cars, Tonka toys, baby toys, hair brushes and arts and crafts materials for boys and girls. The gifts are for children up to 12 years old. December 4 is the deadline to drop-off donations to 205 East First, Luther.



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