Playoffs Round One: WIN

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Photos and Story by Sydney Scheer
The 2016 first round playoffs kicked off Friday, November 11. Only half of the football teams in the state of Oklahoma would participate, and the Luther Lions made the cut. The stakes are high from here on out. The loser goes home to get ready for basketball season. I can just hope that my job won’t be over as The Lion Reporter.

Playoffs. Luther wins. One more week secured.
The Luther Lions bested the Perry Maroons in Round One Playoffs District 2A.

If you wanted to see a good football game on a Friday night, Perry was where the party was. The visitor stands filled with Luther parents, family, and friends. Oklahoma “football weather” was brisk for what we are used to lately. Temperatures fell into the 50s and the jackets, blankets, coats, and gloves were dug out of the closets for the caravan to Perry.

td-1Final score, Luther Lions 21 and Perry Maroons 8. There is quite a large kicker to this score and story. The 21 points by Luther and the 8 points by Perry were only scored in the first quarter. Barely a few minutes off the clock, #6 Tyler Becker scored a touchdown. The second touchdown was scored by #24 Dakota Pridemore, which was then marked 8 points after #22 Jesse Cole completed the two-point conversion. The last time Luther scored, #6 Tyler Becker scored one more time, and #7 Jose Velasco made the field goal point after touchdown attempt good, with just 14 seconds before the second quarter. Luther led 21-8, only allowing Perry a touchdown and a two-point conversion. #7 Velasco had kicked one of three field goals to be good. He attempted a field goal outside the red zone, but the football bounced off the field goal post.

Other key players were #1 Cole Stastny, #12 Chad Pridemore, and #84 Jordan Downs. These guys had some ball carries, huge catches for first downs, and moved us closer to the end zone to score. The whole team played well, and it was extremely fun to be freezing while watching them.

The Luther defense was no match to the Perry offense. Luther held Perry scoreless for three quarters of the football game. It was a pretty sweet feeling having the ball turnover on downs when the Maroons were just five to ten yards from scoring. LION PRIDE!

Luther plays Lindsay next Friday night for Round Two on the road to a State Championship.

The Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association has the bracket for the 2016 playoffs. All games will start at 7:30pm, and the gate admission is $7 across the board.


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