WEEK TEN WIN and Senior Night

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Story and Pictures by Sydney Scheer

Senior night is a special night in the Luther Community. The stadium fills, and mothers’ hearts cry with sadness, yet joy for a new chapter to begin. The Luther Lions played their last scheduled season game for the 2016 year tonight. For the seniors on this team, it is a big deal, as they are recognized for their achievements while wearing their Lions jerseys, and one in the cheerleading uniform.

Here is a a different take on the Luther Register’s Lion Report this week featuring short, personal accounts with each senior on the 2016 roster. I was able to attend my first team dinner, for this season, organized by the Touchdown Club Thursday evening. The team was feasted on delicious tacos with all the fixins. Thanks to the Mitchell family for their time and donations. Mrs. Brandi Krueger is known for her desserts, and she brought THE brownies for dessert. Mrs. Mary Beth Wilson also brought some amazing homemade cookies. These things do not go unnoticed.

To begin the dinner, Coach Michael Voss led the family/team prayer. Hand-in-hand, the Lions bowed their heads to show their gratitude for their blessings. After the “amen,” Seniors were served first, then juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. By the time the freshmen filled their plates, the upper-classmen were already en route for second helpings. The Touchdown Club and those that help extra each week are greatly appreciated. Thursday night meals are a special thing, and the Luther Lions are lucky to have a support system behind them.

While conducting interviews with the four seniors, the players seemed to have a hard time making themselves “look good” for the paper. Each one of them seemed selfless. I asked them each the same questions, most of their answers were relatable to each other in some way, but it took each one of them a few minutes to collect their thoughts before answering. The Luther community should know the players adore the support and family atmosphere of their small town (#mytown).

But Ladies First. Apryl Campos is the only senior on the Lions cheerleading squad! The 2016 Homecoming Queen, Apryl is looking forward to a college career at the University of Central Oklahoma, and within five years hopes to be pursuing a career in finance. In ten years, she dreams of living Texas, married and starting a family. Her favorite cheerleading memory is when the team went to State and practiced in the Boone Pickens Stadium and performed in Gallagher-Iba Arena. aprylsenior

12In numerical jersey order, Quarterback Chad Pridemore, 17, wears number 12. He has played football for Luther for four years, and is currently a captain of the LHS Varsity team. This season, Chad has passed more than 1,300 yards, and thrown nearly 20 touchdown passes. Chad has played a few plays as a receiver and has a few rushing yards for himself, as well. Aside from football, Chad has played basketball and baseball for four years, and one year of track. He is a member of the Oklahoma Honor Society, in addition to the National Honor Society. Mr. Pridemore said he plans to attend college, work towards a pre-medical degree, and then a doctorate. He plans to try-out and walk on to any collegiate team of any of the three main sports—football, basketball, or baseball—to continue his passion for sports. When asked where he saw himself standing in the next five years, he said, “Finishing up with school, holding a steady career, and playing college ball.” Chad has held himself to be the best he can be, and he said he hopes to see himself graduating at the highest rank in college within the next 10 years. Chad loves Philippians 4:13, “For I can do everything through Christ,[a] who gives me strength.”

48Senior Chauncey Husley, 18, wears number 48 for the Luther Lions. This is his first year at LHS, and his first year to play football for the Lions. Mr. Hulsey holds the tight end and linebacker positions. Before moving to Luther, Chauncey played a year of football in Midwest City. Upon graduation, he plans to attend college to pursue architecture. Chauncey told me that in the next five years after graduation, he dreams of living in California and working as an architect. I then asked where he wanted to see himself in the next 10 years, and he said, “I have dreams to build something in New York.” Way to reach for the stars, Mr. Hulsey! He seems very passionate about his dreams.

50The third senior, 18-year-old Tyler Leftwich, plays left tackle and defensive end. Tyler wears the #50 jersey on Friday nights for the Lions. This season, Tyler has four quarterback sacs and 35 tackles. Tyler has played football for all four years of his high school career, as well as basketball, and one season each of track, powerlifting, and baseball. After high school, Mr. Leftwich has been looking at both Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College and Tulsa University. He plans to major in emergency medical services. In five years, Tyler says he hopes to have graduated and pursuing his career. Then, the Tyler we all know came out when asked where he sees himself in 10 years; “Vacationing and living life, doing Tyler things!” Tyler says, “I love football, I love these people, and I love this town.”

img_8878And last, but certainly not least, we meet 17-year-old senior Jacob Broudy. Jacob wears the #63 jersey and plays both tackles and defensive end, as well as some snaps as a full back. Broudy was a member of Book Club for two years, as well as Fellowship of Christian Athletes for two years. He has played football for three years, basketball for four years, and track for two years. This season, Jacob has six quarterback sacs, 30 tackles, and 26 rushing yards. After high school, Jacob plans to attend the University of Central Oklahoma or Tulsa University to pursue a Master’s degree in business management. When asked where Jacob saw himself in five years, he said he hopes to be interning in a corporation. In the next 10 years, Mr. Broudy sees himself starting a family and dreams to have his own business. The famous words of Broudy, “I love my hometown.”

Each senior had a different answer to my question of “What is your favorite memory of your football seasons?”

#12 Chad Pridemore says, “It was sweet to beat Millwood junior year for District Champions with a 10-0 undefeated season.”

#48 Chauncey Hulsey says, “Beating Meeker after coming back second half, and the Lion Parties after the wins.”

#50 Tyler Leftwich says, “Pre-game music and getting pumped, as well as Saturday morning film with my teammates.”

#63 Jacob Broudy says, “Winning the first playoff game against the Alva Goldbugs at home junior year.”

seniors2These senior players are special to the Luther Lions and the community.

The Lions showed their gratitude for the support throughout the community with a 72-12 win over the Northeast Vikings this week. The Luther Lions travel to Perry, Friday, November 11, for the first round playoff game.

Remember, the 2016 playoff tshirt order forms are due Monday, November 7th to the Touchdown Club. Money is due at the time of the orders. Contact for more information.

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