VANCE: Some details “we will never know”

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Right after Michael Vance apparently left Ron and Kay Wilkson’s house after killing them last Sunday night, he apparently drove through the heart of Oklahoma City to the southside where he visited a friend who helped him.

Roach is in custody in connection with helping Michael Vance.

Federal authorities arrested Danny L Roach last Friday, October 28, the day of the Wilkson’s double funeral after interviewing him and learning that Roach allegedly bandaged Vance and swapped out weapons with him. Vance had been shot by Wellston police at the beginning of his crime spree. Roach also was a lookout for him when a police officer drove by the house, according to an affidavit.

According to the affidavit of probably cause, “Roach admitted that Vance came to his residence, located at 3824 S Hudson, after the homicides on October 23, 2016. Roach admitted that Vance told him to view his Facebook account to see what was occurring. Roach admitted that he was aware that Vance had just been in a shootout, and had just shot an adult male and an adult female. Roach stated that Vance described “cutting the wrong side of the neck” and then having to cut the other side as well. Roached stated that Vance stated he had killed the female after having been lied to.

Roach further admitted to providing bandages to Vance’s wounds, which were sustained in the shootout in Wellston. Additionally, Roach admitted to providing Vance with two Tapco 30 rounds magazines which Roach taped together for Vance. Further, Roach stated he provided Vance with a different assault rifle that would give Vance a better tactical advantage to its shorter length and Roach took the weapon Vance used to kill his adult fictions in exchange. While at Roach’s residence, authorities recovered a 7.62 caliber rifle.

While still at Roach’s residence, he worked as a lookout for Vance. A police vehicle drove in front of ht residence and Roach let Vance know when it was clear to leave.

Roach is charged with three counts: two counts of accessory to felony murder after the fact, and possession of a Firearm AFC (7.62 caliber rifle). He is in the Oklahoma County jail without bond.

News9 live streamed the news conference with Sheriff Whetsel

During a news conference this afternoon, Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel said there is not a connection between Vance and Roach that can be released at this time.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Whetsel opened his news conference by praising the joint effort of Oklahoma law enforcement in the investigation and manhunt. He said he was glad the threat of the madman was over, and the cooperation of so many agencies represented “The Oklahoma Standard.”

“Oklahoma law enforcement stood tall this week,” said Sheriff Whetsel.

Whittles also said some details about Vance’s mindset and motives might never be known, such as why he targeted Ron and Kay Wilkson, his own relatives.

He said many agencies devoted thousands of hours to the manhunt, interviewing suspects, protecting folks on Vance’s so-called hit list and ultimately participating in the dramatic shootout that killed him Sunday night. He credited sheriff’s offices from Oklahoma, Beckham, Lincoln, Ellis, Roger Mills, Custer and Dewey Counties, along with the Wellston Police Department, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, OSBI, US Marshalls, FBI and the district attorney’s offices in Oklahoma, Lincoln and Beckham County.

Ultimately, it was an alert farmer near Hammon, Oklahoma, who noticed a suspicious car hidden in brush, that led to Vance’s capture. Sheriff Whetsel said the car, the Mitsubishi Eclipse that belonged to Kay Wilkson, and Vance’s campsite were neither visible by air nor the road.

Whetsel also credited the media for keeping Vance’s picture and vehicle description in the news to help keep citizens informed.

Two new arrest warrants have been issued in connection to the case for the capture of Reginald Moore and April Marie Harden (April Harden Roach). The pair is not in custody.

Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander is expected to recover from the wounds he suffered when Vance shot at him Sunday evening. According to the investigator’s report, “Sander performed a traffic stop of a flatbed truck that turned out to be stolen by Vance. During this encounter Clay was shot twice by Vance and Vance fled the scene. Authorities ultimately caught up with Vance and a shootout commenced resulting in the death of Vance.”

For more insight into the drama that led to Vance’s death, the OSBI released the following statement earlier today.

“The Dewey County Sheriff’s Office requested OSBI special agents investigate the scene where Michael Vance shot and wounded the sheriff there.  Sunday night, the Dewey County sheriff driving south on State Highway 34 from Leedy spotted a flatbed truck dragging a chain behind it creating sparks. The sheriff made a traffic stop to warn the driver a fire could start due to those sparks. The driver of the track stopped and exited the vehicle shooting an assault rifle. The sheriff was shot in the shoulder and arm as he returned fire. The driver got back inside the truck and drove south on highway 34.  Within 30 minutes, law enforcement engaged the suspect and gun battle ensued. Vance was shot and killed. OSBI special agents are only investigating the officer-involved shooting involving the sheriff.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol will hold a news conference at 2pm. In announcing it today, the news release said theOHP ended Vance’s violent rampage that began on October 23, 2016.

OHP Chief Ricky Adams stated, “I deeply appreciate the teamwork between our law enforcement partners.  Together we were able to end a threat to public safety across Oklahoma.”

DPS Commissioner Mike Thompson added, “I am grateful the Oklahoma Highway Patrol was able to work with our law enforcement partners and prevent Vance from harming anyone else. Vance’s wanton disregard for human life was shocking and outrageous to Oklahomans across our state. ”

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