Grisly Details of Wilkson Deaths

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WARNING: graphic content. Portions of the affidavit are included below as written to share information about a horrible double murder in our community.

vance-wanted-posterWhile focused Monday on the search for accused double-murderer Michael Dale Vance, Jr., who remains the subject of an intense wide-reaching manhunt locally and in other areas of the state, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office submitted an affidavit and arrest warrant outlining the events of Sunday evening that led to the grisly deaths of Luther residents Kay and Ron Wilkson.

The Probably Cause affidavit submitted by Deputy Michael Belanger is as follows:

On July 22, 2016, charges of Child Sexual Abuse After Former Conviction of Two or More Felonies were filed against Michael Dale Vance in Lincoln County.

On October 23, 2016, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office investigators were asked by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to assist in locating a suspect that had just shot two Wellston Police Department officers. It was reported that WPD Officers Sean Stewart and Jimmy Hampton responded to a disturbance call in Lincoln County involving subjects Vance and Tony Heavner. During the initial questioning of Heavner and Vance, the subjects shot at the officers. Both officers were struck by gunfire in their lower extremities and taken to an area hospital for treatment. WPD officers returned fire. Heaven was apprehended a short while later … Vance fled the scene in a WPD vehicle.

Vance while fleeing in the WPD vehicle posted a video on Facebook stating he is in pain and there is what appears to be blood on his shirt. Vance goes on to say he is about to steal another car and “this shit is going to be intense.”

In a second FB video posted by Vance, he is in a different car. Reports received by investigators indicate he stole a Lincoln Towncar and shot a female in the process. On the video, there is what appears to be a rifle or shotgun next to him in the vehicle. The vehicle occupied by Vance appears to be different than the vehicle in the first FB video. During this video, Vance states he has been shot and there appears to be a large amount of blood on the shirt he is wearing which is pink in color.

At approximately 2130 hours, this Towncar was spotted at 17110 NE 206th in Luther in Oklahoma County. Law enforcement officials responded to the scene. The OCSO Tactical Team was deployed to enter this house and take Vance into custody. Wheel still organizing details and gathering intelligence Oklahoma City Police Department helicopter, A1, was utilized to view the area from above. During A1’s survey of the area, a body was noticed outside the residence. A bomb robot with a built in camera was utilized to provide images to the operator. The operator of this robot was able to confirm definite signs of mortality on this deceased male, later identified as Ronald Wilkson. Due to this discovery, law enforcement agents on scene made entry into the house under exigent circumstances. Upon entry into the residence, law enforcement officers noticed a second deceased victim, later identified as Valerie Kay Wilkson. After learning there was not alone in the house that needed emergency attention law enforcement officers exited the residence. A search warrant for this location was executed at approximately 2400.

During this search, investigators recovered a pink T-shirt that is believed to be the shirt Vance was wearing during the FB videos. Investigators also recovered two 7.62 x 39 shell casings. This particular round is traditionally fired from an AK-47 style rifle. Investigators believe the rifle seen in the video by Vance is an AK-47. Initial reports indicate that R Wilkson was hot one time with the 7.62 ammunition. Wounds were found on R. Wilkson consistent with an attempt to sever his head. Investigators witnessed a large cut on Wilkson’s neck. During the examination of V. Wilkson, multiple stab wound were observed as well as what investigators believe to be defensive wounds on her arms. V. Wilkson also had a large cut on the side of her neck similar to the wound witnessed on R. Wilkson. Additionally, investigators also noticed a large cut in her arm/should area. The size and depth of this cut led investigators to believe that Vance was trying to remove V. Wilkson’s arm. A large knife that appears to have blood on it was recovered in the kitchen sink.

Family members of the Wilkson’s informed investigators that the Mitsubishi Eclipse belonging to V. Wilkson was missing. Investigators determined the tag number associated with this vehicle is OK 943LQQ. At approximately 0400 on 10/24/2016, a call was received by OSBI Agent Derrick White. White informed me that a suspect matching the description of Vance had just shot a store clerk at a gas station in Sayre, Oklahoma. The victim was shot twice in the leg. The victim also provided officers on scene with a vehicle description that matches the vehicle from the homicide scene at 17110 NE 206th Street in Luther.

Arrest Warrant

Offense: Murder in the First Degree
Offense: Murder in the First Degree
Offense: Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle
Offense: Possession of a Firearm After Former Conviction of Felony



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