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In 500 words or less, can you describe Luther? Can you describe #mytown in such a way to get some big time business folks to notice us? Let’s try.

Word came today (some of us live under a rock) that there’s this contest for a small town to win a $500,000 make-over. But we have to move fast: the deadline to apply is this Friday, October 21. Nominate Luther by clicking here. 

Amanda Brinkman

The gig is called Small Business Revolution by Deluxe and is the brainchild of Deluxe’s Chief Brand and Communications Officer Amanda Brinkman (from Minneapolis). She orchestrated a contest to award a small town with a half-million dollar investment.  The guy we know from the show Shark Tank, Robert Herjavec, is also in on the contest.

Wabash, Indiana, won the 2016 Small Business Revolution Main Street campaign.
The town didn’t just win the money, the team brought untold riches in training and counseling to  everything from marketing, image, making a profit and mostly, community and civic pride! And of course, it’s all documented in film in a series of well-done, realistic, non-cheesy episodes of Wabash’s make-over.

Robert Herjavec
Robert Herjavec

In the episodes, Brinkmann and Herjavec visit selected businesses – from a thrift store, to a bridal shop to a bar and others  –  giving encouragement and sage words. The businesses were helped with building facades, logo and marketing plans, branding advice, how to turn a profit and run a business and how to keep customers coming back.

Now it’s time to choose the winner for the 2017 Small Business Revolution Main Street campaign.

Could Luther have a shot? It does if we submit a nomination in 500 words or less. Before this Friday!

They picked through 10,000 responses last year before settling on the winner. Wabash looks to be much bigger than Luther – with more businesses and population. But of course, who could beat our personality?

#mytown #LutherLocal


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  1. The Ozark Trail, the predecessor to Rt. 66, came through Luther along Main Street. We have a photo from that period of a bustling main street — clearly showing the Ozark Trail marker. Traffic from the turnpike now enters Luther on an improved version of that road. “Makeover” focuses on the future, but draws on the past and Luther certainly has strength from the past to build on.

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