Bourns named Town Clerk/Treasurer

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With three votes of the five member Board of Trustees, former Luther Mayor and Town Trustee Kim Bourns was appointed as Town Clerk/Treasurer to fill an unexpired term. An election will be held in April for the Clerk/Treasurer as well as four trustee seats.

Bourns served on the Town Board from 2008- 2013. He also said he was the town’s emergency management director and a volunteer firefighter.

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He was one of two town residents who asked to be considered for the position that earns $200 a month.

Merian McCuin was the other applicant. New to Luther just about a year ago, Mrs. McCuin told the Trustees she is retired and has the time to devote to the position. She also said she wants to be more involved in her community. She retired from the Oklahoma State Senate where she was responsible for setting agendas, writing titles for legislation and clerked meetings during a career that spanned from 1985 – 2010. Prior to her work at the Senate, she was employed by the FAA.

The two yes votes for McCuin’s appointment came from Mayor Cecelia Taft and Ron Henry; no votes came from Birlene Langley and Carolyn Lawson. Andy McDaniels abstained.

Bourns received three votes from Langley, Lawson and McDaniels. Henry and Taft voted no.

Former Mayor Lea Ann Jackson late Monday submitted her resume to be considered as a volunteer Town Treasurer. She told the board she has experience in managing finances as a certified public accountant and an executive with the Oklahoma Bankers Association. Trustee Andy McDaniels said he visited with Town Attorney Ray Vincent before the meeting, and he said that Vincent said that separating the positions was possible but would require town action, which would not be possible at that time. The Trustees waited until the last day of the 60-day requirement to replace the Clerk/Treasurer vacancy.

Bourns said he plans to attend his first meeting Tuesday evening. Click here for the agenda and supporting materials prepared by Deputy Clerk Crystal Wilson. The agenda is heavy on spending – from new police cars, a police department drone, a fire department command vehicle, carpet for town hall, and hiring a new police officer.

The Treasurer’s Report lists the town has $87,665 in the General Fund and $3,192 in the Rainy Day Fund. At the June 2016 Budget meeting, there was no planning for some of the capital expenditures appearing on this month’s agenda. 

In addition, the Vendor Fee issue will return for a third time. The fees were raised, then there was a difficult time defining exactly who vendors are. Now, trustees will be asked to lower the fees. No word by how much or to whom it applies.

The Luther Public Works Authority meets after the Town Board. The rather short agenda includes an executive session to consider a raise for the utility clerk. And an item to make Luther Road/Ash a no passing zone from Hwy 66 south to NE 178th Street.

The meeting begins at 7 pm and will be broadcast on Periscope.

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  1. The town trustees can paint the town our beautiful Red and Black and beautify the town and supply bright shiny town vehicles for departments that have more dire need of dependable equipment, but when the electrical issues in the building cause a fire the new carpet will burn just as the building will and nearby buildings! I guess when this happens money will be found or begged from someplace-again. How about one of these adults take a “how not to be wasteful with town money class”.

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