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Just a few hours before tonight’s Special Town Board Meeting, former Mayor Lea Ann Jackson has submitted her resume to serve as the Town Treasurer as a volunteer.

In her letter to the Board of Trustees, she wrote: “It is my understanding that as the ordinances currently read, there is a single position of Clerk/Treasurer.  Should the Board elect to do so, it could adopt resolutions which would allow for the separation of these positions and they could be filled independently.  I recognize that the Board must appoint someone to the Clerk/Treasurer position today or file for a special election, so separation is not currently an option.

I merely wanted to let the Board know of my willingness to serve in this capacity.  I would encourage the Board to consider modifying the language in the current ordinances, if possible, to allow them the flexibility of separating the positions.  I think there might be other individuals who would be interested in one of these positions but not both.” said Jackson, who is a CPA and COO with the Oklahoma Bankers Association.

Jackson resigned from her position on the Town Board in June after learning that an attempt was underway among her fellow trustees to remove her as mayor.

The Town Board has called a special meeting tonight, at the last day possible, to fill the vacant Town Clerk and Treasurer position after the former Clerk Treasurer resigned 60 days ago.

There is unconfirmed word there are two applicants for the Clerk Treasurer position to be considered by the trustees tonight. Normally, the position would be elected but this is to fill an unexpired term. The position will be on the town ballot in the Spring.

Tonight’s meeting is at 6 pm and will be broadcast on Periscope.

The School Board meeting also is tonight at 6:30.

Also, the Town Board meets for its regular meeting on Tuesday night.


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  1. Interesting. Why would one resign as Mayor but volunteer as Treasurer after being dragged over coals at last months meeting?

    1. I would venture to guess it is because Lee Ann really cares about this town and community and is still committed to doing what is right for the people of Luther. It is refreshing to see someone who can put differences aside and as a victim in such petty actions of some members of the board, go forth and work to make change, for the betterment of our community. Thank you Lee Ann.

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