A busy week for Luther (and beyond)

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The Town of Luther and the Luther Board of Education have meetings this week. Actually the town has at least four meetings (or five if the Planning Commission meets Thursday). There’s a hearing involving the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike on Tuesday morning at the Oklahoma Supreme Court. And there’s a big football game on Thursday. And then on Saturday, there’s the second annual craft show at the Assembly of God Church.

The Town called a Special Meeting for Monday night at 6pm. The trustees will meet again for their regular monthly meeting again on Tuesday night. On Monday, trustees must deal with the vacancy of their Town Clerk/Treasurer.  Former Clerk Treasurer Trandy Langston resigned effective August 11, 2016, after only a few months on the job. It’s a pattern unfortunately, that the Town cannot keep this position filled, whether for lack of resources, training and support. The Board of Trustees recently voted to change an ordinance to raise the pay of the position from $60 to $200 a month since Langston’s resignation. No doubt, the extra compensation might make the job more palatable to prepare agendas, minutes, and reports as well as other tasks. However, Langston’s resignation letter alluded to her not having the support to do the job.

“My resignation comes from, amongst other personal concerns, the fact that I do not feel that I can fulfill the legal duties of these positions without adequate legal direction directly from the town’s attorney. I am not willing to subject myself to the liability this position places on me without the direct access to appropriate legal representation,” wrote Langston.


The board had sixty days to fill the position, so they have waited until the last minute to comply in lieu of calling a special election. Word is there are two applicants interested in serving the town as Clerk/Treasurer. Incidentally, this is supposed to be an elected position, and will be on the spring 2017 ballot along with four open trustee seats.

The Luther School Board also meets Monday night. The agenda features an important student count number from October 1, 2016, giving the State Department of Education the data to base on the school’s state funding and other markers.

Last year the district experienced a 7.71% decrease in enrollment from 960 students during the 2014-2015 school year, to 886 for last school year, the 2015-2016 year, according to the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

The Treasurer’s Report for the month will show some sobering numbers as the district has a few months left before an infusion of property taxes and state funding. The report shows the district has $118,834.87 in the General Fund, but bills amount to nearly $176,000, leaving a $57,000 hole.

The Building Fund, Child Nutrition Fund and Sinking Fund are not in the red.

The Luther Register will broadcast the Monday meetings, beginning at Town Hall at 6pm, then shuttling to the school board by 6:30. Click here to watch the meetings on Periscope. The Tuesday Town Board meeting also will be on Periscope.

On Tuesday morning, a hearing will be held at the State Supreme Court regarding the issue of the bond funding and constitutionality challenge of the Driving Forward Turnpike program that involves the Eastern Oklahoma County project.

And it’ll be Thursday Night Lights, instead of Friday night lights for the Luther Lions who will take on Christian Heritage Academy at home. It’s a “pink out night” to raise awareness about the fight against Breast Cancer. And the Little League football teams also will be recognized.

Save some time on Saturday to stop in at the craft show at the Assembly of God church on Ash. The event was such a hit last year, that members wanted to do it again as a way to get more involved in the community.

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