PRE-GAME: A League of Their Own

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img_2497photos and story by Sydney Scheer

Today, Friday, September 23, 2016, the Luther Lions travel to Crooked Oak for a district game at 7pmTonight’s game marks midseason for the 2016 football season. Aside from the Friday Night Lights, the Luther Lion football team is a family and most definitely a league of their own.

Thursday night’s dinner was sponsored by Kevin and Carla Becker at The Chicken Shack, a new, local restaurant. I visited The Chicken Shack for a different story of the Lions, as they feasted on an all-they-could-eat buffet, and might I add, that’s a lot of food for some hungry boys! “Thank you to the Becker family!”

Aside from the small town lights, the boys enjoyed many lawn games, including Frisbee, corn hole, and a small game of basketball. A few of the players even walked down to the river and came back. The team is together for many hours a day during football season, and the time together is what they enjoy. They are family!

Lion Birthdays at The Chicken Shack.


At The Chicken Shack, two birthdays were also celebrated! Happy Birthday to #1 Cole Stastny and #2 Landen Krueger. A large gathering for some cake and homemade Oreo balls calls for a crowd! Thanks to Touchdown Club Members Brandi Krueger and Crystal Chartney for serving the cake and Oreo balls! Thanks to Shawna Stastny for the cake!

This morning, GAME DAY, the Lions were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! In their jerseys for game day, they greeted precious faces of elementary students in the drop-off line. The grins, from high schooler and elementary schooler alike, were enough to make anyone’s morning. The young children love to see those boys on Friday mornings in their jerseys!

img_2482Another unloading, the football players headed to the library for a book and classroom and teacher assignment from the elementary principal, Sheila Wilson. The football players read books to attentive students who also giggled at the football player and the story. Once the stories were over, there were high-fives, “good luck,” and questions before the players hit the books in their own classes. Game day traditions (and maybe a test or two!).

Happy Friday! Travel with us to watch the Lions take on the Crooked Oak Ruf-Nex tonight at The Oak, 2085 SE 22nd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73129, at pm. .

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