“W” for Week 2

Bison Blinds

DSC_0315by Sydney Scheer

The Route 66 Showdown between the Luther Lions and the Wellston Tigers….LIONS, and tigers, and refs, OH MY!

Once again it was a good night of offense for the Lions but there were big plays on defense as well as the Tigers were held to just six points for the game. .

When schools play their rival teams, it is always a hard fight. Although the Lions won by a landslide, 55 – 6, the penalties and attitudes were at an all-time high. There were numerous calls to offset penalties on both sides of the ball, as well as personal fouls, blocks in the back, and the typical false start calls. With all the laundry on the field, the quarters seemed to have drug on, but that was no problem for the fans and the players. Luther had an awesome turnout with packed bleachers, and the fence, too, lined with spectators.

DSC_0295 (1)With the excitement of full bleachers tonight, and the thought of playing Wellston on the players’ minds, the energy and heart was felt a little deeper this week. The tackling and ball carrying were pushed to a higher extent compared to last week. To start, #6 Becker grabs an interception and the morale of the game was heightened.

Let’s designate the hit of the night to #26 Josh Butler. After Butler booted the kickoff ball to the end zone, he plowed the kickoff returner out of bounds and the crowd went crazy. The Luther bleachers roared and the sideline was hopping. Standing on the sideline, there is nothing better than the slobber-slinging tackles that makes the crowd go wild! Welcome to the Jungle!

Highlight of the night is #70 Gus Sumner kicking the field goal GOOD after the touchdown was caught by #6 Tyler Becker.

DSC_0324Big play of the game goes to #2 Landen Krueger. While on defense, Krueger snagged the ball just before it hit the ground, as it glided through the palm of a Wellston Tiger. Ball tucked away, Krueger saw himself with his first touchdown of the year on this run to “the zone.”
DSC_0327 DSC_0365 DSC_0442

Many times, Luther found themselves in “the zone.” We saw #6 Becker, #24 D. Pridemore, #84 Downs, #1 Stastny, and #35 Bean put the points on the board. We also saw many quarterback runs for yardage and first downs by #12 C. Pridemore and #10 P. Wilson. Great carries to grab yardage percentages were seen by #25 R. Wilson, #26 Butler, #22 J. Cole, #7 J. Velasco, and many others, including a few junior varsity players.

The Lions will host the Prague Red Devils this Friday, September 9th. This is also homecoming week, so the game will start at 7:30pm at Wilson Field. Come early or stand, it’s Lion Football in Luther, Oklahoma!


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