“W” for Week One

Bison Blinds

by Sydney Scheer


The Luther Lions put the upset on the Bethel Wildcats with a win 40-3 to start off the season. Just before half time, the fans broke out the umbrellas and ponchos, and huddled together to keep dry as the rain moved in. Into the third quarter, the second string players got to see a little turf and get a taste of what it’s like to be in a real, high school varsity game.

The night proved to be a big one for the offense. Early in the first quarter, Freshman, #25 R. Wilson turned the goose egg into a six on the scoreboard with the reach of the football over the goal line. Wilson got the handoff from quarterback, #12 C. Pridemore and got a few yards up the middle to give Luther their first touchdown of the season.

PASSWe also saw the Pridemore Duo—Senior, #12 Chad Pridemore, and Junior, #24 Dakota Pridemore—in action. Twice we saw D. Pridemore catch a pass in “the zone” to take us to 12-0, and then 18-0 in the first quarter. Freshman, #6 Tyler Becker caught the two-point conversion in the end zone to end the first quarter 20-0 over the wildcats.

In the second quarter, the Pridemore Duo was still in action, as D. Pridemore scored yet another touchdown from C. Pridemore. With the help of Junior, #35 Devin Bean, we scored the 2 point conversion. Now up 28-0, next time on offense, C. Pridemore has a big run to recover lost yardage, then completes the pass to Junior, #84 Jordan Downs. Freshman, #10 Peyton Wilson recovered the onside kick for the Lions with 5 seconds remaining, and ended the first half 34-0.

The Lions of 1996 were honored at half-time.
The Lions of 1996 were honored at half-time.

After half time, after the rain had slowed and told us it was hanging out for a while, the younger boys had the chance to show both parents and friends what they have to show for a varsity game. Freshman, P. Wilson took over quarterback position, and soon after completed a touchdown pass to Junior, #22 Jesse Cole. The 2-point conversion was no good, and Luther was up 40-0 at the end of the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, the Bethel Wildcats had put up a fight long enough—they kicked a 21 yard (give or take) field goal that was GOOD, which brought the score to 40-3.

On the defensive side, the Bethel Wildcats had to fight to get any yards. Many quarterback sacks, and turnovers on downs kept the Wildcats to just three points for the entire game.

The game showed week one jitters of too many penalties on both sides of the ball. Both teams experienced lost yards that are valuable to the game. Personal fouls were prominent; punishment will be due this week two to prepare for Wellston next Friday night.

The big play of the night goes to #7 Jose Velasco who received the kickoff return, and ran it for a touchdown for more than 50 yards, but the play was called back, to the spot where a foul was called by a block in the back. From here, the score became the end result as Luther beat Bethel 40-3.

For week two, the Lions travel east for another showcase in the Route 66 Showdown against the Wellston Tigers. The Route 66 Showdown tshirts are being ordered, contact the Luther Touchdown Club for more information.

Middle School travels to Bethel on Monday, August 29th for their season opening game.

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