Charges Outlined Against Henry

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Ron Henry at a Luther Town Board meeting.

As of Thursday night, an arrest warrant remained in effect for Ron and Brenda Henry, the Luther Town Trustee and his wife who were charged with voter fraud by the Oklahoma County District Attorney this week.

In addition, Henry faces charges he stole some hay from his long-time neighbor.

The charges are outlined in this document:  click here for Henry charges.


The investigation into Henry’s election to the Town Board started more than a year ago, in July 2015, by the Oklahoma County District Attorney.

In addition to the voter fraud charges which outlines allegations that Mr. and Mrs. Henry falsified absentee ballots that were notarized by Luther Mayor Cecilia Taft, the case involves a strange altercation Ron Henry had with long-time neighbor Zella Holder in April of this year.

From the district attorney:

  • Count one: on or about the fourth day of April, 2016, the crime of grand larceny was feloniously committed in Oklahoma County by Ronal Henry who willfully and knowingly took, stole and carried away three large round hay bales, although not of value exceeding $500 was taken from the possession of Zella Holder by means of physical and verbal intimidation, without the consent of the owner. …
  • Count two: …(on the same day) the crime of malicious injury and destruction of poverty was unlawfully committed by Ronald Henry who willfully, wrongfully and maliciously injured, defaced and destroyed a fence at 700 S Main, causing a loss of less than $2,400 …
  • Count three: (on the same day) the crime of trespass after being forbidden was unlawfully committed by Ron Henry who willfully entered a field located at 700 S Main …


The accompanying statement from Luther Police Chief Marcus Thurman states that “On April 5, 2016, I received a call from Zella Holder who states Ronald Henry came onto her property, cut her wire and bailed hay without her permission … Mrs. Holder also states Mr. Henry continued to trespass on her property … I have T-posts on all of the survey points that have been known boundaries to all. I have had a continuous trespassing problem with Ronald Henry since 1992,” said Thurman.

According to Ms. Holder’s statement:

“On April 5, 2016, I arrived on my property to see Henry had cut my fence and was removing bales of hay … I told him ‘I have told you over and over to stay off my land and now you are mowing and bailing hay.’ He jumped to his feet screaming and shaking his finger in my face and screaming, ‘This is my land,”” said Holder.


Henry, a perennial candidate for the Luther School Board and Town Board, was elected to the Luther Board of Trustees in April 2015. Not long after the election, allegations of voter fraud began and were investigated by the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office. It’s not the first time such allegations were leveled against Henry. He was involved in another voter fraud challenge in 1994 for the Luther School Board, according to a story from

Henry and Mayor Taft

The 2016 charges state that Cecelia Taft, current Mayor of Luther, notarized the alleged fraudulent absentee ballots.

From the summary of investigator Gary Eastridge:

The investigation has revealed that both Ronald and Brenda Henry submitted Oklahoma Absentee Ballots to Cecilia Taft to be notarized for the April 7, 2015, Luther City Board election. The investigation revealed and Ms. Taft admitted, that on 3025-2015, 3-27-2015 and 4-3-2015, she notarized absentee ballot affidavits without the person being present whose name is on the affidavit of an absent voter.

According to the Oklahoma Secretary of State, Taft was commissioned as a notary in February 2013 for four years.

According to the Secretary of State, “A notary public acts as an official witness to the identity of a person who comes before the notary … The notary must be certain of the identity of the person requesting the service.”

Taft is not charged in the case. Sources say Ron and Brenda are expected to either turn themselves in or be arrested on Friday.


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