Arrest Warrant Issued for Town Trustee

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Luther Town Trustee Ron Henry and Mayor Cecilia Taft

The Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office issued two felony and arrest warrants for Town Trustee Ron Henry, 66,  and one for his wife, Brenda Henry this week.

The nature of the allegations are not clear on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network. However, the OSCN lists two felony charges against Ron Henry and one against Brenda Henry. Town lore alludes to the allegations against the Henrys involving voter fraud from his election to the Town Board in April 2015.

Henry himself has been forthcoming with The Luther Register in recent weeks about the long investigation. On Wednesday night when news of the allegations hit the rumor mill, Henry told The Luther Register that he had heard nothing about the charges but continued to maintain his innocence. And, Mr. and Mrs. Henry had not been arrested by Luther authorities nor the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department.

“I have done nothing illegal,”  Ron Henry told The Luther Register on Wednesday evening.

He also said he has not heard anything from any investigator with the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s  office in almost a year. He said he cooperated fully with investigators when they questioned him about voter fraud allegations related to his election to the town board.

Earlier Wednesday evening, Henry participated in an LPWA meeting in which he voted to approve an effort to seek grant money to fix and improve the Town’s water system.

The charges listed on the OSCN network list two felony charges against Henry. And one against his wife. In addition, lists more allegations against Mr. Henry involving a dispute with neighbor Zella Holder.

Published reports also say that current Mayor Cecilia Taft notorized the absentee ballots that led to the voter fraud allegations. No word on whether the Mayor of Luther faces criminal charges.




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  1. If he is found guilty, does this mean the board has to revisit every vote that has been made by them since he was “elected?”

  2. It is standard practice for OSCN to not list charges until the person is arrested or late in a court case. I would not put much value on town lore, rarely will you not find personal agendas.

  3. Hes getting whats coming to him finally after all the underhanded dealings he has had with his community. Ask him about tearing up the towns sonic sign and never paying for it. Ask him about trading work for hunting leases hes already sold. Why did he move up on hogback and run for county commissioner and after he lost move back into town. Hes lower than a snakes belly and has no friends wonder why.

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