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wishlistSocial media? We love it or despise it. Or both. We ignore it or let it take over our free time (and then some). #shopLuther. But now we have an example of how communication via social media can do a lot of good.

On Facebook, the Luther Teacher Wishlist page is gaining momentum, especially as the new school year approaches (Sept 6, 2016). When budget times started getting tough at Luther Public Schools last school year, the page was a springboard for teachers to ask for help – from crayons to paper towels to calculators.

And you know what? The needs are being met quickly and generously..

Organizer Melody Seather said the page has 264 (and counting) teachers and community members, which is way more than she anticipated when she started the page.

“Because of the budget situation, I feel like the need for a group like this is extremely beneficial. Our community wants to help, and this is a great way to list needs in one place,”

The budget situation, as most of us are aware, remains grim for LPS and many public schools in our state. In addition, the school district currently is being audited by the State Auditor and Inspector’s Office.

The district is implementing a shorter school year with longer days, has laid off teachers and support personnel and taken other measures to cut costs. At Monday night’s school board meeting, members will be asked to hire some new teachers. Click here for the agenda.)

In addition, the board will be asked to approve several more fund-raisers for student activities.

IMG_6684Seather, amid the shuffle, willingly left her third grade teaching position to teach science in the junior high with new preparation to do and a new classroom to equip. She said she is embracing the challenge and change and got the ball rolling on the Luther Teacher Wishlists page this week. She was swiftly answered.

Seather is grateful for a community that responds.

“Because of budget cuts across Oklahoma, schools are needing the community to come together more than ever before. I think that even if you don’t know a specific need for the teachers, any help will be greatly appreciated. I’m always happy to answer any questions via text message or email for anyone without Facebook,” said Seather.

Another way to help Luther school this weekend is to buy a sno-cone at the Sugar Shaker stand on Ash Street. Owner Karen McClure is giving away all of the profits each Saturday in August to help the students and teachers.

Here’s what McClure shared on FB in case you missed it:

“I’ve decided that all the proceeds from Sno-Cone sales every Saturday will be donated to Luther schools,” she said.

McClure said one Saturday the proceeds will benefit the Teachers Wish List. The next Saturday will benefit the football team for dinners. The next Saturday is for the band, and the next will be for art and music.

“In addition, we will continue to donate 50 cents on every Large Sno-Cone. Don’t want a sno-cone? … Drop off your change in our tip jar. We are up to $40 so far. I promise every penny donated will go to our schools!,” she said. That goes for Tiger’s Blood flavored sno-cones or even sour apple!

Reminder, this is Sales Tax Free weekend in the state for clothes and shoes. While school supplies are not exempt, many sales are advertised for back-to-school supplies. Here’s a link that tells what is and is not exempt. 

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  1. These stories of the community rallying around one another are the very best. Thanks Luther Register for making sure we remember that supporting each other is important!

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