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Bison Blinds
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Shanna Miller, rocking her Mary Kay business, visits with Jenni White and the Whites who have moved back to Luther (no relation!).

Confession, I was a little freaked out about attending the event that I had been hyping for the last week or so. What if no one came?

But I went. And so did FORTY Luther business owners and Luther business supporters. The First Luther Business Meet & Greet was a success with exceptional enthusism, talent and IDEAS for our town.

What do you think about some hitching posts in town to represent, symbolically or realistically, our rural way of life? What a fun idea! That was not the only good idea thrown out – what about welcoming new businesses and residents with a gift whether it be a letter filled with information or a basket filled with goodies? Everyone agreed it’s better to buy fresh produce at the 116 Market, get your vehicle repaired by Larry Melton, or make sure your business is covered by someone who knows your name like at the Luther Insurance Agency (Habbens!). Because who wants to drive to the city? Limiting those trips is awesome when we can get it done at home (just speaking personally, of course). Because stoplights cramp our style.

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Business is family.

What if we put our heads together to help each other? There was enthusiasm as everyone introduced themselves, shared some ideas and agreed to meet again.

Coming soon – the Luther Business Directory. We have lots of new entries. Send your business information in as well if you haven’t already.

Many of those who attended have found themselves fairly new transplants to Luther – coming from the city or suburbia. One after the other, the consensus was WE LOVE IT HERE! THE PEOPLE ARE FRIENDLY AND WE LOVE THIS WAY OF LIFE! We are on to something, Luther!

Scherrie & John Piddock share plans for their future (hint - a hand-hewn "vintage" barn event venue (and pickin' place!)
Scherrie & John Piddock share plans for their future (hint – a hand-hewn “vintage” barn event venue (and pickin’ place!)

Thank you to Josephine’s Cafe for being our wonderful hosts. Ashley and Amanda had awesome cookies – the tea and coffee refreshed, and Josephine’s famous home-made potato spiral chips were a true treat.

John and Scherrie are vision-casters. Look for their barn venue to come soon, once they sell Josephine’s Cafe (yes, it’s for sale! It’s busy, historic and would be a great business for someone.)

All in all, the evening provided a fantastic opening to a conversation of businesses willing to lock arms and lift each other up.

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Anna Vegas is working hard to open Los Vegas in the former Tres Locas (Sugar Shaker) location. Opening possibly in a couple of weeks. Homemade Mexcian food!
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Favorite picture of the night. Darci Bolner from Apple Creek Gang in Luther, entertaining sweet Banyan! It’s what she does.
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Jennifer Adkisson and Kiley Ingram from the Luther Library. THE LUTHER LIBRARY came to the Meet & Greet!
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Need to know about Luther? Ask Karen McClure! The owner of the Sugar Shaker location, conveyor of ideas and head encourager!
Another favorite picture! Tim Free from PC Dreams in Jones and Larry Melton from Larry’s Automotive do some plotting.
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Dr. Todd Olsen, center, of Olsen Orthopedics, in between his daughter and wife (while Matthew Winton, owner of Th 116 Farmstead and Market looks on) tells Gwen Posey, medicine woman, that he appreciates the work she does to support holistic wellness.Dr. Gwen is located in the 116 Market, upstairs. 


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  1. I think this was a great success. I loved meeting the new comers and connecting with longtime friends. I love the directory idea. We had several other businesses that did not attend. Hopefully we can get them to the next meet and greet.

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