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IMG_6229Shrugging past the option of calling a special election, the Luther Town Board tonight voted to bring Andy McDaniels back to their panel, filling a vacant seat until the next general election in April 2017.

Just last week at the regular town meeting, Mayor Cecilia Taft abstained from a vote to consider McDaniels or long-time Luther resident Mike McClure, who is retired from a career in planning for the City of Oklahoma City. Thursday night, during a special meeting she called, Taft cast the third vote to name him to the Board. Birlene Langley motioned to name McDaniels to the seat, and Carolyn Lawson was the other affirmative vote.

Trustee Ron Henry who advocated for a special election voted no. He commented that the estimated cost for a special election was about the same that the town spent for fireworks for Independence Day. Henry maintained there is too much at stake with the future of the Town of Luther, particularly with a new turnpike coming, to not be visionary in planning while representing the citizens.

McDaniels works in the wildlife industry, and previously served on the Town Board. Luther town voters will have the opportunity to vote for candidates in four of the five town board seats in April 2017.

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  1. I don’t know anything about Mr. McDaniel so I will reserve my opinion until April 2017. We really need some new blood that takes the concerns and best interest of the entire town in consideration instead of only a few who are friends or relatives and conducts the most important issues of the town in executive session. I hope we have some outstanding candidates.

  2. How about changing focus to the actual town problems. Fix the sewer problems-there shouldn’t be a home without service. Stop wasting money on road dreams and spend the money you are sending to EOCP to fixing the issues of the town that should be top priority.

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