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Shout out to my friend Shari! She was either sick of me whining about forgetting to purchase a new tripod for my phone (aka camera) or she was dizzy from watching our hand-held Periscope broadcasts of Luther school board and town board meetings.

She surprised me by buying The Luther Register a new tripod that will hold the phone and give us a swivel arm to follow the action, freeing up a hand to take notes.

What a great friend. I am blessed. She is the kind of gal who would buy a pal a tripod, or just do what needs to be done when she sees a need. No fuss. No committee. No drawing attention to herself. Oops. I just blew her cover! Hopefully she won’t mind – because we need more Shari’s in the world.

In addition to improving the broadcast game with the new tripod, It seems I’ve also figured out how to enable comments on a broadcast. Apparently the chat button was there all of the time, but eluded me. That revelation happened while I was testing out the new tripod tonight, and turned on Periscope. Immediately we had 19 viewers to watch a still shot of my garden. No doubt everyone was admiring the crepe myrtles that are lovely even though we forgot to cut them back when we were supposed to. When is that? Fall or early spring? I never remember. Folks started chatting and someone joked that a shot of a yard is better than a meeting! No doubt. But no good quotes (but if those crepe myrtles could talk)! Thanks Pericope viewers. It was fun to see your feedback on the screen.

Now to wait for the next meeting. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority meets next week, and so does the EOCP. Not sure if those meetings are Pericope-worthy. They tend to be all business and no drama. Anyway, that’s how it is at OTA. Not sure about the Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership, as this will be my first meeting of the secretive public-private group. The Town of Luther helps support EOCP to “build a globally competitive business climate in Eastern Oklahoma County.” We’ll see what all of that is about at its July 29 meeting.

I’m thrilled with my new tripod, and pledge to take better care of it after knocking my old one around so much that duct tape couldn’t fix it. Thanks again Shari, you have improved the professionalism of The Luther Register!

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