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The consent agenda for the Town of Luther’s July meeting included the following list of invoices to be paid. Some of the numbers are combined by The Luther Register for brevity and denoted with a “*”, but otherwise are listed as the Town Trustees see them at the meeting, apparently for the first time.

As part of the consent agenda, along with meeting minutes, the trustees are asked to approve the payment of the invoices (and sign the checks following the meeting).  Generally, the board takes several minutes during their public business meeting to review the list, and sometimes members ask questions. This time, Trustee Birlene Langley asked for the invoice from town attorney Bryan Drummond and was told the bill had just arrived that day and didn’t make this month’s invoice roster.

The board voted to approve these expenditures (and did the same for the invoices reviewed during the LPWA meeting). The LPWA expenditures as well as the monthly Treasurer’s Report are also included.

Town of Luther

  • $2,079.29    *FUEL (Mansfield Oil Company)
  •      260.00     YOUR IT
  •      441.66     EOC Partnership
  •      183.95     O’Reilly (fire dept)
  •        23.50      Eureka Water Company
  •          5.90      Luther Hardware (fire dept)
  •       88.20      Stolz Telecom (fire dept)
  •       80.00      Spectro Water & Cable (fire dept)
  •       60.00      Oklahoma State Firefighters Association (fire dept)
  •  1,560.54      *AT&T (land lines and Uverse)
  •       28.80      Dearborn National Life Ins Comp
  •       78.08      Healthplan Services Inc (vision)
  •   2,088.87     The Oklahoman (advertisement for public notice of town budget)
  •      100.00     Mid West Tire Ship (fire dept)
  •        90.00     Oklahoma Fire Chief’s Assoc
  •   3,542.00     OMAG (town insurance)
  •   2,075.00     *Young & Associates, CPAs (accounting)
  •   1,460.87     OG&E (combined)
  •      603.28     Purchase Power (postage)
  •      129.10     ONG
  •       850.00     R Stephen Haynes (municipal court)
  •       850.00    Brent Coldiron (court attorney)
  •       167.00    OSBI (police-ODIS software)
  •       631.75     Lincoln County Sheriff’s Dept (board bill for inmates)
  •       271.66     KEEPITSAFE INC (online data storage)
  •         15.00    Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (Crown Victoria repair)
  •     1,095.75    Oklahoma Municipal League (service fees)

    TOTAL: $18,877.16


Help Wanted TSD Supply Co. Now Hiring

LPWA (Luther Public Works Authority)

  •  $6,749.25    Eastside Waste (trash)
  •       175.00    Triple T Plus Repair Inc. (LPWA truck)
  •       702.54    Pioneer Supply (meter supply
  •       190.00    Young & Associates, CPAs (monthly accounting)
  •     2,597.00    Busby Pump & Supply, LLC
  •          58.49    Tonya Haddock (deposit refund)
  •          37.07    Mason McRay (deposit refund)
  •          19.99    Thomas Brower (deposit refund)
  •          25.71    OG&E (655 NE Fourth – PARK)
  •        474.23    USA Bluebook (water test kit)
  •        154.15    Luther Hardware LLC (misc supplies)
  •          25.78    OReilly Auto Parts (bill split with town)
  •     1,056.40    OG&E (electricity for wells)
  •           19.68    USTI (E-bills)
  •         500.00    The Luther Insurance Agency (USADA Insurance renewal)
  •         384.10    Bob Howard Parts Distribution Center (LPWA truck part)
  •           45.00    Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (LPWA truck repair)_
  •      2,216.57    Rural Development (USDA loan)
  •      2,642.00    Rural Development (USDA loan)

    TOTAL: $20,205.23


Treasurer’s Report (as of June 30, 2016)

  • TOWN GENERAL FUND – $98,145.51
  • LPWA GENERAL FUND – $41,769.72
  • TOWN RAINY DAY FUND – $170.61
  • LPWA RAINY DAY FUND – $234.98
  • POLICE – $180.13
  • FIRE GRANT – $1,698.91
  • CEMETERY – $1,689.58




Kimberly K MIller – Attorney
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