Fatal Shooting in Luther

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Oklahoma County Sheriff’s authorities have two people in custody for questioning following a fatal shooting early Monday morning at 234th (Sorghum Mill Road) near Triple X.

Lt. Charles Avery said authorities responded to a call of a disturbance at 4 am. There they found a young male shot. Two persons, a male and a female, were detained for questioning, he said.

The Luther Police and Fire Departments also responded to the scene.

IMG_5976Lt. Avery said he will provide more information as details are sorted out, and of course, the victim’s family members are notified of the tragic news.


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  1. I live just west of Triple X off Memorial – Heard loud gunfire just at dusk, had to bring in my dogs who are terrified of the noise they were making. Next time I’m calling the Sheriff I have young children and they have no business discharging guns in the area.

    1. Somebody died and you’re worried about calling the cops for the discharging of a weapon? That’s special.

  2. Please does anyone know who was involved, my son, Jonathan Buzzard lives very very close to there????

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