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In a news release today, Governor Mary Fallin applauded her Oklahoma Fosters initiative for recruiting more than 1,000 new foster families in Oklahoma.

In addition, the Department of Human Services reports that the number of children in state custody has dropped below 10,000 children for the first time in three years.

No doubt that’s a milestone, but let that number sink in – TEN THOUSAND children remain in state custody. Sobering isn’t it? And given the recent state budget cuts and reduction in staff at DHS, this news of more foster parents in the state is a bright spot.

Another bright light in Luther is that it’s home to The Anna’s House community, and many Luther families care for foster children in their homes, or support others who care for orphans.

The Governor thanks you.

“Oklahomans have again responded to a crucial need in our state,” said Fallin. “I’m pleased that so many Oklahomans came together to help us recruit foster and adoptive families so we can improve the lives of these children in state custody. I thank all of those Oklahomans who stepped up to make the commitment to be a foster or adoptive parent.”

“Achieving this goal is a great example of what can happen when Oklahomans from all walks of life – government, businesses and the faith community – work together in the best interests of our children,” said Fallin. “The goal of the Oklahoma Fosters campaign, simply put, was to bring all those groups together to help recruit more foster families for our children who are in state custody.

DHS Director Ed Lake said it took a team effort to reach the state’s foster care recruitment goal.

“We are grateful for the support of Governor Fallin and the Oklahoma Fosters initiative, and thankful for the thousands of compassionate foster families who provide loving homes to our children every day,” said Lake.

Oklahomans may get involved by going to the Oklahoma Fosters website – – and clicking on “Foster Care & Adoption” for information on being a foster or adoptive parent. They also may call the foster parent hotline, 1-800-376-9279.

In Luther, also check out Anna’s House to learn about a variety of ways to help from becoming a foster family, alternate care giver, preparing meals and volunteering.

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  1. Sorry for the poorly written comment. It should read:

    Where in Luther is this project located, and when is building to begin or when did building start?

      1. I saw this page before writing my comment and that why I asked about its location. The webpage has a nice artist’s rendition of houses and a description of the groups to be served, but I couldn’t find an address or general indication of location.

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