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A door on the quiet street of downtown Wellston opens to a portal where all guests can escape –

Nurture You in Wellston

… summer heat
… worries
… reality, if just for a little while.

Promptly greeted with an offer of a beverage and a chance to put up our feet, guests of Nurture You Skin & Body, LLC, come through the door for a variety of services – from massage, body wraps, hot stone applications, hand rejuvenation, facials and sugaring hair removal – for a little escape and pampering.

It’s rejuvenation to go back out there and tackle the world.

TammyTammy Gore is celebrating two years at her dream job. Her dream to nurture.

Renovating the Main Street building, transforming it into an inviting space with cool tones, and classy decor – even an electronic fireplace, are part of a carefully crafted vibe Tammy has created to pair with her education and offer to others.

IMG_5309As a result of her nurturing spirit, Tammy treasures her client relationships, and tends to build bonds with them over time, and some quickly become friends.

She’s quick to say her efforts are NOT about making money (although there are certainly bills to pay), her vision is what is driving her to grow and expand her business. Tammy is readying a space for a licensed cosmetologist who does manicures and pedicures. (Applications are definitely being accepted. Give her a call).

The building’s back space has room for meetings, classes or private parties. There are currently Zumba classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm, and Tammy is open to adding other classes – certainly yoga. (Again, certified instructors please give her a call).

Well-qualified through her education that includes a degree in aesthetics, certificates from the National Laser Institute and certification to do PCA chemical peels and specialty skin treatments.

IMG_5303Did we mention this place is in nearby Wellston? Similar to Luther, Wellston’s downtown businesses are few – but growing as more residents, old and new, take a chance to offer a needed business in a unique setting with hopeful growth potential. Honestly, would you rather make a spa appointment in the city, and fight traffic to get there, or take a short drive. The travel alone is a saver of stress, gas and time.

And we did mention the hospitality? Why, exactly is that such a rarity any more – kindness and the offer of a glass of water or something else? It’s not rare at Nurture You. It’s actually rejuvenating and makes every visitor feel like they matter.

Those of us who live on purpose in small towns, want to support our local businesses. On some level, we know that small-town businesses need us more than ever. Their success is mutually beneficial. They pay the local taxes that support public services and safety.  Without a big population draw or even a fancy marketing strategy, businesses like Nurture You survive and thrive with local and repeat (and repeat) support, and certainly by some good old fashion word-of-mouth endorsements. Reviews on social media also help! Nurture You is on Facebook.

Check out Nurture You, and the new Diamond Dan Cheesesteak, Pizza & Deli. They are new advertisers with The Luther Register so we want to brag on them and cheer them on. We all get better together, and a massage certainly helps (at Nurture You)!

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