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First up, The Luther Register is behind. Way behind. Apologies about that. I’m still here, just attending to some business-side issues for the “paper,” (aka online news source) such as turning some revenue. So humbled and excited about recent donation support and new advertisers. Thank you. The support is proving my sweet hubby wrong that this paper is my “expensive hobby” instead of a business that provides a valuable service to our community.  He’s totally happy about being wrong – this time.

While working to backdate some issues involving the school board, town board and other issues, for now, we must “advance the story.” Onward.

The School Board meets again Monday evening on June 27 for a full regular meeting. The board does not meet in July.

On the agenda will be an appearance from Mr. Tim Green. He is the consultant that was hired by Superintendent Sheldon Buxton to help with financial issues and to help administrative staff understanding the MAS accounting system, that is apparently very confusing and difficult. Green was hired several months ago, without board approval, although he has not been paid for his $50 an hour charge. His unpaid invoice reportedly is several thousand dollars. The board, in a 3-to-2 vote, approved the arrangement at the June meeting. Board members Charles DeFuria and Steve Broudy voted against the consultant contract.

Green will be part of Dr. Buxton’s monthly report. Also on the superintendent’s report will be a High School Student Handbook presentation by new principal Jerry Martin.

Another agenda item: the re-hiring of some teachers who were part of the Reduction in Force action. Other retirements, resignations and a need to fill core classes allow for some of the re-hirings.

Read the agenda here.

The Luther Register will broadcast the meeting on Periscope, an app for your phone. User name: Luther Register – Dawn Shelton (Twitter handle: @berryholler). Incidentally, all past broadcasts appear on that page (including last month’s lengthy school board meeting).

Also on Monday night, the Town Board will hold a special meeting. There’s one agenda item  – amending the town ordinance about fireworks.

The current ordinance allows for fireworks within the corporate limits of the town between 8 am – midnight on July 4 of each year.

The new proposed ordinance language is as follows:

Section No 1: Part 10-303.D is amended to read as follows:

Each fireworks stand shall post notice … that it is a violation of the ordinances of the town to discharge any fireworks within the town limits at any time, except for June 30 – July 4 of each calendar year at the following times:

a. Sunday – Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm
b. Friday – Saturday from 10 am to Midnight

If times and dates need to be extended by one day, approval may be granted by a written document approved by the Mayor, Fire Chief and Police Chief.

If approved, the town board will declare this action an emergency, as the holiday weekend quickly approaches.



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