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IMG_1524Here we get to do the journalist thing where we attribute “unnamed reliable” sources who say that our empty shell of a former Walmart store in Luther “might” be sold. We followed journalist’s rules and got it “off-the-record confirmed” through a couple of avenues.

This is also a story with liberal use of “quote marks.”

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No surprise that Walmart is tight-lipped and out of the office on any official word, but we are hearing that the Luther store is part of a “bundle of properties that might be close to contract on a sale.”

Walmart is handling the transaction even though it is listed through Wiggin Properties who has the sign in front of the prime spot facing Highway 66. Oklahoma County Assessor records list the property’s value at nearly $1.4 million.

As we know, the brand new store was open a scant eight months before the retail conglomerate pulled out of the town as part of a corporate move.

Anyone have any information on this? We protect our sources. Email Or comment below for everyone to see.

Meantime, a check from Walmart to the town for recompense is pending. Everyone is “busy” and can’t quite get that done.

On the bright side, we still have the locally owned Mercantile downtown (and the Dollar General). And NOW open, the 116 Market on Main Street that offers fresh produce and local beef.

Shop Local. Shop Luther. Because we want to!


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  1. I am glad something is being done with this property. It’s too good of a piece of land to just sit. Hope it becomes something we really need. Keep up the detective work!

  2. I love your intrepid journalistic stylings. #WalmartSucks

    Praying for a pharmacy!

    Oh and of course integrity, transparency and wisdom for our town and school boards.

    I <3 Luther

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