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In a surprise counter-move, Luther Mayor Lea Ann Jackson resigned as a trustee (and therefore her mayoral position) for the Town of Luther today.

resignThe resignation came late on Thursday after a tentative town agenda circulated that had an item regarding electing a new mayor.

Mayor Jackson lasted not quite six months in the position.

Jackson brought an agenda item to the board last October to remove former Mayor Birlene Langley from the position and was successful. It was a notorious meeting in which a tussle was caught on video. 

Jackson was appointed mayor in December, and at the time was looking forward to building some consensus.

“More than anything, I want us to work together. I think we are all starting to look at things that are best for the town, not a particular faction, but the town as a whole,” said Mayor Jackson in December 2015.

Trustees Cecelia Taft, Lea Ann Jackson, Carolyn Lawson and Birlene Langley at the Luther budget meeting.

Word is that at least some of the four other trustees wanted to remove Jackson as mayor at the June meeting. The mayor is elected by fellow trustees, runs the meetings and does not receive any pay.

Recently, Jackson led the board and town employees in a budget exercise in advance of the new fiscal year that begins in less than a month. Mayor Jackson had warned the town that its expenditures were outpacing income for the town.

In her day job, Jackson is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the Oklahoma Bankers Association. She is a certified public accountant and a certified association executive, as well as a licensed insurance agent.  She served on the Governor’s Task Force for Recovery after the May 3, 1999, tornado and was a finalist for The Journal Record Woman of the Year in 1999, according to the OBA website.

A regular town meeting is scheduled Tuesday night, June 12.


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  1. FYI ………Your expenditures are exceeding your incoming revenues says the COO CFO Oklahoma Bankers Association, accolades to the moon and back, (was mayor).
    Boards reply, You’re fired! Seriously? who has a problem with that? Thoughts???

  2. Since when is it professional or allowed to resign via i-phone? I am so sick of this un- professional backward behavior, creating more negative attention for our town!! If that’s how your going to behave thank goodness your out. You said it right “in her day”, her day is over! We will move on!

  3. This seems a shame to me. I’d like to see the town council and the school board learn to stick to a budget. I thought Lea Ann was leader who would lead our beloved Luther to a bright future. I am sad to see her go. Perhaps a couple other trustees could make a motion to bed her to stay and decline to accept her resignation.

  4. So disappointed to hear this news. Unfortunately, I may be part of the reason Mrs. Jackson resigned. By not publicly and privately supporting board members that attempt to follow the law, create and enforce the use of a budget, and generally try to steer our local government in a positive and ethical direction with sound business practices I have failed to support positive change in Luther. It is appalling to learn that our town, which is essentially a business, has not been operating with a budget. This is negligent. Budgets are necessary. No business will survive long without one. It is simple, you cannot spend more than you make. You cannot spend money you don’t have. You cannot spend future earnings. It really is simple.
    I attempted to get involved in local government and planned to at least attend board meetings to become a more informed citizen. I did attend a few meetings before becoming so discouraged that I haven’t returned. This is where many of you stop participating. I know this because you have told me.
    I did not agree with everything Mrs. Jackson presented or all of her actions, (no one agrees with another 100% of the time) but I will always support following the law and sound business practices. Accountability, transparency, and integrity are necessary.
    I could go on, but I don’t need to. In the future I will support those leaders that I feel are representing and leading professionally and ethically instead of taking the easy route and not being involved.

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