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The Wedding You Probably Missed (A Turnpike Story)

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Letter to the Editor from Paul Crouch, Newalla. Mr. Crouch spoke at the ODOT meeting on Monday, and submitted this reflection to The Luther Register. Here’s the story about the ODOT meeting. 


The big event happened 6 June 2016.  The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) were married today!  The event was held in the home of ODOT with several family members in attendance; but they really didn’t want a big crowd.

The OTA proposed to ODOT awhile back and today ODOT answered with a big I DO!  The vows were interesting.  Both OTA and ODOT swore in front of witnesses they would unite to pillage, plunder and continue to take property from Oklahoma citizens in sickness and in health.  It was at that moment that ODOT presented OTA with a  $330,000,000 gift to show their undying love; the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike.
OTA and ODOT are a blended family and together have 10 children; their names are Turner, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Cimarron, Creek, H.E. Bailey, Indian Nation, Kilpatrick, Muskogee and Will Rogers.  The couple plan to settle down in Oklahoma and plan to have even more children.  It was overheard that they plan to have over 30 more children!  When asked where they would put that many children, they just smiled and said they would take a place.
There were objections to this union  A man stood up and gave many good reasons why the two should not be united on the grounds that many Oklahomans will lose their homes and property, but the love between OTA and ODOT will not be denied; the knot was tied.
by P. Crouch
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  1. Thank you to the Luther Register as well as Paul Crouch and the many others that have stood up to fight this unwanted toll road. It appears the fight is almost over and many good Oklahomans will loose their homes and land 🙁

    1. The bonds have not even sold yet and no, the fight is not done! Thank you, Paul, for speaking and thank you, Dawn Shelton, for the great reporting!

  2. Ahhhh alas! The Governor officiated and turned a deaf ear on the cries of the witnesses. .. as she has a habit of doing.

    My friends, please don’t give up. It doesn’t hurt to make noise. This whole system is WRONG and even unconstitutional. This doesn’t just affect us right now. It will keep affecting us and our fellow Oklahomans until it is stopped. It’s not just a matter of us not wanting to give up our homes. It’s about exposing corruption and a whole lot of it.

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