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The Luther Town Board (and LPWA) holds a special meeting Wednesday, June 1, at 6 pm. The primary agenda item regards the 2016-2017 town budget that is expected to begin a month from today on July 1, 2016.

Item 1: Consideration and discussion regarding the 2016-2017 FY budget.

Lea Ann Jackson

Newly appointed Town Clerk Trandy Langston has handled posting the agendas and other preparations for tonight’s meetings.

She was appointed to the post at the May special meeting to fill an unexpired term for an elected town clerk/treasurer position that was vacated earlier this year when former appointed Clerk/Treasurer Laura McCuddy resigned. There were no other town residents who expressed interest in the job that pays $60 per meeting. An election to fill the clerk/treasurer position will be held in Spring 2017 when a couple of town board trustee positions will also be on the ballot.

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At the last meeting, Luther Mayor Lea Ann Jackson asked department (fire, public works, police and others) to prepare budgets for the upcoming year.

In addition, Jackson repeatedly noted at the May meeting that the town consistently is spending more money than it is taking in.

Visit the town website to be notified of meetings and to view agendas.

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  1. Want to spend less than you take in. Stop giving raises temporarily and stop sending town money to Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership. DUH!!!!!!!!!!

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