Luther Schools Sued

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A Norman architectural firm wants its money from Luther Public Schools and its going to court to get it.

In a breach of contract lawsuit filed in Oklahoma County District Court on April 29, 2016, ARC Architecture, LLC, wants to be paid $17,751.32 for work completed plus attorneys fees for alleged contracted work. The project was to fix the roof on the auditorium at the high school.

During a February 2016 meeting, Dr. Buxton told his school board that he did not believe he was in a contractual relationship with ARC and had not paid the invoices from the Norman company.

Read the lawsuit here.


No doubt this is an ongoing story as we dig through The Luther Register video archives of the Feb 2016 meeting and do further investigation.

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  1. Are you kidding me? This Board who has absolutely no control, but has ultimate responsibility, will be held accountable. Next, Dr. Buxton’s fiscal mentor who is owed $8000 will sue. Both of these expenditures were not approved by the Board.

    These will not be assessed to my property taxes, regardless how small. These incompetent Board members’ insurance will cover.

  2. Excuse me but it is 100% known who worked on the roof and how much the cost would be prior to the work being submitted, IF a proper Purchase Order was completed. Something I was told was required to be completed and approved in order for any vendor to be paid!!!! This needs to settle prior to the court date or Luther will have to pay thousands in attorney fees!!!! I question why another firm was called in to fix water damage on a BRAND NEW BUILDING!!! Was there not a warranty with the original builder? It leaked the first year it was built!!!! Also, does this explain the missing money? Basic accounting was not completed? If there was no documentation before or after the work was completed would this be a violation of any state or federal funding mandates? Could we loose future funding if this were discovered? I know the rules are strict! Wish the board would ask more detailed questions and request documentation from that year to be reviewed.

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