Don’t lay that trash on Oklahoma

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Don’t lay that trash on Oklahoma Luther.

Oklahomans remember the anti-littering advertising campaign of about 20 years ago (go ahead and click on that link for the memories – warning, the song WILL be stuck in your head for a while!).

The Luther Public Works Authority offered a “big trash” dump day in April. Current utility customers could bring their large trash items downtown during business hours to be hauled off by Eastside Waste Disposal, the company contracted with the town to run trash service.

But after business hours, apparently there was a free-for-all at the temporary town dump.






Mayor Lea Ann Jackson commented at the May meeting that these pictures were sent to her. “At night, people dumped stuff and part of the problem is we do not know if they were utility customers. Then our staff had to haul it off. It was big stuff.”

Most of the town board members said it happens every time. Jackson acknowledged if the service isn’t provided, people might start using “bar ditches” to unload their junk. (Or the river).

Trustee Birlene Langley said her neighbor reported that a person from Jones dumped a freezer, washer and a dryer on the ground. After hours.

The trustees wondered whether they should station the police at the area the next time the service is offered. Non-utility residents could also take advantage of the big trash day by paying a $50 dumping fee.

“It doesn’t matter to me, I don’t use it,” said Trustee Cecilia Taft.

The trustees passed a motion to direct Lena Wright, utility clerk, to communicate with Eastside on whether future Big Trash Days could be handled curbside for customers.

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  1. God bless Luther for making even a small effort to clean up their community! The abuse of the service is only an indication of how much there is a need for this and more. As the article mentions – at least these items aren’t laying on the side of the road (or front yards) now.

  2. Several Luther residents showed up with loads of large trash within the hours posted by Town Hall, and no one was there like the poster stated. If “most of the town board members said it happens every time,” then perhaps they should make a change. Curbside pick up for future big trash days would be great, but if it’s not available, then the town needs to make arrangements for more dumpsters.

  3. Agreed with Stephanie. I’ve never heard of people having to haul trash to dumpsters on big trash days. To me it kinda defeats the purpose of “big trash day” if people without trucks have to find a way to haul it off across town (regardless of Luther’s size, if you don’t have a truck, you aren’t getting it there). Curbside pickup would be the best solution.

  4. “It doesn’t matter to me, I don’t use it.”
    If you’re a Trustee, I’d say you put yourself in a position for it to matter. WOW.

  5. I am deeply upset by these photos and this story. Imagine reading what happened at the town hall meeting to see your items in a photo and nasty things being said about you. I am from Luther, I came within the hours noted on my water bill and no one was there to guide us on where things were to be placed. Other people were there doing the same. I had other loads to bring but because the time limit set was over we did not finish; those items would have to wait for another day. My suggestion is to please get your facts straight next time and if you post hours please be there.

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