POLICE REPORT: Arrests, accidents and miscellaneous

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The Luther Police Department submitted its April 2016 Police Activity Report at the May 14 Luther Town Board meeting.

  • Agency Assist – 22
  • Arrests – 3
  • Detox – 0
  • Alarm – 1
  • DOA – 0
  • A&B – 1
  • Domestics – 0
  • Rescue Calls – 1
  • Accidents – 3
  • Miscellaneous calls – 86
  • Total calls – 117


IMG_4922No word on what the miscellaneous calls entail, but the January report included a note that said those included animal calls. The report also does not list tickets issued for traffic violations nor what the arrests entailed. The Town Board began asking for the reports at its February meeting and Chief Thurman was kind enough to give The Luther Register that first report. Friday night’s report was included in the meeting packet and was not presented by the police department.




Kimberly K MIller – Attorney
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  1. I would love to know the traffic stops – what they were originally pulled over for and what they were cited for…. Would love to know it broken down by officers (you can give them each an alias for anonymity) and the gender of those pulled over…. Just totally curious, of course.

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