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The Luther High School Athletic Banquet provided a great opportunity to learn more about the school, so here is a list and a slideshow.

  1. LHS honored 85 students athletes at its annual Athletic Banquet on May 3.
  2. The football team had five students with 4.0 GPAs during the season: Jordan Downs, Wyatt Bolner, Levi Walker, Jase Wilson and Jacob Broudy, and the football team had a combined academic GPA of 3.28 as a team
  3. Luther offers ten sports: cheerleading, football, powerlifting, softball, boys basketball, girls basketball, golf, baseball, cross country and track
  4. Cheerleaders have a team GPA of 3.5
  5. Luther fans/parents are the best – feeding players and showing up randomly for surprise pep rallies and a parent group fed basketball players every Wednesday evening.
  6. The baseball team put some miles on the team bus this season, and welcomed a new coach.
  7. Two senior boys basketball players were district champions FOUR times.
  8. It’s hard not to make Personal Records an ordinary thing for the Track team: but it happens, a lot.
  9. Earl’s Barbecue is a generous caterer.
  10. It’s not an official school sport, but three LHS students participate in the Oklahoma State Rodeo Association as bull riders: Chandler Ballard, Rylie Jeffries and Caleb McCaslin

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