EOC Toll Road: Emails Announce Design Phase

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april 14 EOC (2)
The April 14, 2016, proposed route of the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike.

Emails are arriving in the inboxes of those affected by the Eastern Oklahoma County turnpike proposed route.

Text of the email from Monday, April 18, 2016:

“This email is a follow up from the April 14th meeting. Below you will find a screen shot of your property in relationship to the design alignment. The project now goes into the Design Phase. Once the designers identify the Right of Way necessary for construction, the Right of Way Acquisition Process will begin, and includes the following steps:

  1. Notice of Intent Letter will be mailed;
  2. Valuation Process begins; and
  3. Right of Way Agent will be assigned to your property.”

The emails are sent from from Smith-Roberts Land Services, Inc. “Right of Way Specialists,” and include an image of a person’s property with green lines on the image depicting the proposed toll road route as it goes through the property.

The email concludes with “Currently, I do not have a timeline of the Design Phase or when the Right of Way Acquisition Process will begin. I will continue to keep you informed during this process as information is available.”

A statement from OTA said the new proposed toll road will destroy 80 homes, but did not share the number of landowners affected by the route going through part of their private property without affecting structures.


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